Culture of Victimization Exposed by Michelle Malkin

Michelle Malkin joins Megyn Kelly to discuss Race Victimization tactics of the left’s Vinita Gupta and Michelle Obama, as well as Malkin’s new book Who Built That.  Kelly sets the stage with the following introduction before the discussion begins:

The head of the civil rights division at the Department of Justice is now suggesting we really shouldn’t be surprised by the rioting we saw in Baltimore or in Ferguson and here’s why: Vinita Gupta saying in a speech yesterday, that the looting, mayhem and violence is based on a mistrust of cops that stems from said cops’ predecessors enforcement of slavery and Jim Crow laws. Earlier I discussed this with internet entrepreneur Michelle Malkin who is the author of the new book, Who Built That. Michelle, so great to see you…


  • Posted May 21, 2015

    David Martin

    I had a young black woman come see me the other day about a rental. She is moving out of her current residence due to some major disagreement with her landlord (who, she said, would not give her a positive reference), her previous landlord evicted her for non-payment a “long” time ago (it was actually only a year), she “couldn’t remember” her landlord before that, she has bad credit AND she couldn’t come up with the first months rent AND the security deposit (she could pay one or the other). I told her that I couldn’t rent to her, whereupon she asked me if I was rejecting her because she was black. Think of the mental, victim-mentality, gymnastics you would have to go through to even ask that question.

  • Posted May 21, 2015


    Hearing about “racism” in America from a woman from India is rich with irony! Despite the nearly 10% economic growth that India has enjoyed for quite a few years now, 2/3rds of India’s 1.5 BILLION people have NO running water or TOILETS! They still have their caste system; the untouchable caste children clean human excrement off the sidewalks and streets!

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