Sheriff David Clark: “These Cops are Political Prisoners”

A partial transcript of the video:  “We have a long way to go but I still believe in our system of justice and in the end justice will prevail.  She doesn’t get the final say in this.  She knows she’s not going to be able to prove all these charges beyond a reasonable doubt.  This is George Zimmerman and the Duke lacrosse case all over again.  A politically active district attorney or state’s attorney; You can tell the emotion in her voice.  She almost did this with glee and that’s why I believe like they do when I say they, the officers union and the attorney that we just heard from.  She needs to remove herself from this case.  I hope this state’s attorney general gets involved in this and sees the error of her ways.  The smart thing for her to do is to recuse herself and name a special prosecutor.”

2 responses to “Sheriff David Clark: “These Cops are Political Prisoners””

  1. Cheryl says:

    It’s open season on police. Sickening. There are bad apples in any barrel, but this seems to be an all out war on our police all over the country. Our healthcare has been taken over; now they’re using the media to highlight any inkling of “racism” to aggitate and incite riots so guess who can step in and take over the police too…..who knows?

  2. Marka says:

    May this produce the same common sense outrage that Duke Lacrosse did. Those poor policemen and their families. How long will it be before enough people realize that Obama love of radicals in college is what is fueling him now? He even said he might go back to community organizing (agitating). He is actually agitating now, pitting black against white, dividing us in order to fundamentally change America as promised. Saul Alinsky’s goal was a Marxist/Communist society here in America. Obama is applying Alinsky’s rules right now. From city to city, he is insinuating the Federal government into police forces with the intent of nationalizing them – with obvious purpose.

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