Confrontation Between Al Sharpton and Fox News Reporter; Alveda King’s Open Letter to the Mayor

On Thursday, Fox News reporter Leland Vittert confrontated Al Sharpton and Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake. He asked the officers who were present why they were protecting the mayor from simple questions, and not protecting businesses from rioters.

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On Monday, Alveda King, niece of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., penned an open letter to the mayor, admonishing her for coddling the rioters. Alveda King get’s it:

My dear Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake.

Your invitation to “give space for those who want to destroy” is unbelievable. This interpretation of rights to free speech is dangerous Ma’am.

In 1963, my father Rev. AD King, after the firebombing of our home in Birmingham, Alabama, urged hostile protestors to abandon violence and turn to God in prayer instead. Thank God they listened to him, and the even greater voice of his brother, my Uncle MLK, during those turbulent days.

Now, you are inviting violence to your city? Who, Ma’am, will incur the moral and economic costs of picking up the pieces? The innocent taxpayers?

We at are very concerned. Ma’am, people are not entitled to pillage and destroy. That is just plain wrong. Our affiliates on the ground in Baltimore are willing to help quell the violent tide. And make no mistake about it; something must be done to save our cities.

How did we get here? Where do we go now? Think about this: Baltimore 1965 vs. Baltimore 2015, compare and contrast:

1. Money spent on public schools then vs. now.

2. Amount spent on social welfare payments then vs. now.

3. The size of Government Bureaucracy then vs. now.

4. The number of black elected officials then vs. now.

5. Number of black children born in Baltimore to an intact nuclear family.

6. Number of Black lives MIA by abortion and incarceration.

If you look at all six questions/comparisons what you will see is the only statistics to have decreased (1965 to 2015) is the number of black children born in intact nuclear families.

Something is wrong. We must stop the killing and advance the healing now!

7 responses to “Confrontation Between Al Sharpton and Fox News Reporter; Alveda King’s Open Letter to the Mayor”

  1. David Martin says:

    Back in Dr. King’s day, it was about civil rights, justice and REAL racism. Today’s “protestors” (really just opportunists and thugs) are all about getting what they don’t work for (looting), being the center of attention in order to get more appeasements and perceived “racism”. If he were alive today, I believe Dr. King would smacking the likes of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton (and probably Obummer too) up side their heads for undoing all his hard-earned progress for the black community. Since Dr. King’s death, the black community has suffered from a total lack of leadership. Since Bill Clinton was elected, so have the rest of us – and that includes the two Bushes. I’m not even sure we’ll ever recover from Obama. The country, especially the liberals, have just become too dumbed-down.

  2. Joe Z says:

    One year, eight months and twenty days from now we will be rid of Ocommie. Hopefully, Rand Paul will be in the White House then and we can begin to turn this current disaster around.

  3. David Martin says:

    Joe, how can we “turn this current disaster around”, even if Rand Paul or Scott Walker gets elected, when they’ll have to depend on the likes of Mitch McConnell and John Boehner to get things done? We’ll need a majority of Ted Cruz’s in the Senate and Ted Yoho’s in the House to actually accomplish anything. Sadly, that’s extremely unlikely. I fear that the only promise Obummer actually kept was that he fundamentally changed America – and not for the better.

  4. Joe Z says:

    David, Good point, I believe that having a libertarian-conservative like Rand Paul in the White House will make bums like McConnell and Boehner listen up. Who is to say that Ted Yoho will not be running the House in 2017? McConnell is old and this may be his last term. All of us Tea Party folks can turn this around. Keep attacking!

  5. Sandra Wiatrowski says:

    What we need is an Article V, but I seriously doubt we have anything but weenies in the majority of State government, as evidenced by the result of the beans they’ve so obviously eaten, resulting in the smelly gas they produce. Includes half of the Yoho cuisine du jour.

  6. Cheryl says:

    I agree with David.

  7. Cheryl says:

    And Joe…maybe a mixed ticket with Rand Paul and Ted Cruz?

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