Alert! Alachua Co Residents! Property Rights Disappearing!

Alachua County residents BEWARE! Your county commissioners are moving yet again to further curtail your property rights. Go to the link below for the information you need provided by Terry Martin-Back, developer and well-schooled activist who is sounding the alarm. Contact Terry and get involved to help fight against another egregious move towards destroying your property rights.

3 responses to “Alert! Alachua Co Residents! Property Rights Disappearing!”

  1. David Martin says:

    SO, when and where is this outrage being discussed, and will there be a coordinated effort to oppose it? BTW, I was the founding chairman (serving two terms as chair) of the county code enforcement board, and not really happy as to what it became after I left, especially with respect to reining in some of the more over-the-top inspectors.

  2. Tom says:

    Is Terry setting up to run for county commissioner. This would be good.
    Perhaps some of the people east of the duck pond (lake of the stupids) are waking up. At least the city commission seems to be turning.
    I think we now have past accountants in both the city and county commissions in place. Would it be too much to hope that they might look to see if the staffs have inflated their personnel to enhance their salaries? This county could probably stand some deflation of government. That might save some money to at least pave another half mile of road. That would be more than was done last year. Reread that nice color pamphlet the county sent with the truth about what was really done or not done last year.

  3. Hsaive says:

    An organized delegation of citizens opposed to this property rights gag order could make appointments with each and every commissioner to make their point heard loud and clear, and face-to-face. Showing up to grovel at public comment is not very effective unless you have already met with the commissioners ahead of time with an unified message. This takes organization and rehearsal of talking points in order to instill a sense of overwhelming opposition and fear of god. This unconstitutional drift in the direction of UN agenda-21 public policy is increasingly understood by the public as an attack on personal liberty.

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