FL Senator Insults Conservative Grassroots

Wow, this so called Republican Senator from the Sarasota area sure has an ax to grind with Americans For Prosperity (AFP). Senator Jack Latvala also showed his dislike for many in the grassroots.

You also have to love the threat at the end of the YouTube clip. It would be funny if not for the power that OUR elected officials yield.  I personally like the Americans For Prosperity organization, and yes, I like the Koch brothers and Koch Industries.

I thought the AFP rep did a good job dealing with the attack.

Click link for article- http://shark-tank.com/2015/04/02/fl-senator-insults-conservative-grassroots-says-they-serve-absolutely-no-purpose-video/#






  • Posted April 3, 2015

    Diana Drum

    I don’t think that the representative from the AFP did a good job dealing with the attack from Senator Detert. Of course he looked very young and was probably taught to be respectful to women, his elders, and other people in general, as apparently, Senator Detert was NOT!!!. I would just like to see people in government hearings and in press conferences and in debates, taken to task when they spew out insulting, sarcastic comments as this woman did! God save us from the so-called Republican Party, their superior attitude, meanness, and dismissal of the TRUE Conservatives in the Country—-Tea Parties and Libertarians.!!We have a lot of work to do. I pray that the Lord gives us the strength, good health and vision to wake people up and defeat the socialists, educate the voters, and protect our children and the future of this country . (And yes, I said the word PRAY!!!) Pray more—worry less!

  • Posted April 3, 2015

    Alan Berkelhammer

    I can see why they call them the Establishment. Just look at what they have established.

  • Posted April 3, 2015

    Fred Easton

    She is one of the problems with the Republican Party, but she is only one of many Rino’s that have infiltrated the GOP over the years. The progressive left came up with the idea many years ago. Now the number has grown and the conservative Constitutional governance has nearly been eliminated.
    We need a better group in all State & Fed positions that are not tied to the left….bottom line, get money out of the electoral process and we will be able to elect people that want to serve our Country, not be served by it.

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