#Bergdahl Live Twitter Hashtag Rally – TONIGHT

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Hat tip: Jim Sharp

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  • Posted March 27, 2015

    James Sharp

    There comes a time when We the People need to step up and say, “You know what? We’ve had enough.” Well, do you know what? I’ve had enough. We’ve suffered through six years of lies and obfuscation (a nice big word which means “LIES”). We just celebrated the fifth anniversary of having been scammed by one of the biggest lies ever told: The “If you like your doctor…” and “The cost of helathcare is going to go down by $2500 per year” of Øbamacare.

    But it didn’t stop (nor did it start) there. The list of scandals seems to be endless. A US Border Patrol agent is killed thanks to Fast & Furious. Four brave Americans were slaughtered (and the ambassador’s body savagely dragged through the streets) in Benghazi. After Benghazi, everyone in the Øbama administration proceeded to lie to us about the sequence of events and the reasons they occurred.

    But, in my opinion, the bergdahl “deserter for terrorists” swap is the most egregious. Looking at the previously mentioned fiascoes, that’s quite a statement. Shortly after this clust****** was announced last June, Judge Jeanine Pirro went on the air and flat-out called for Øbama’s impeachment:


    Folks…like Judge Pirro, I’ve had it up to HERE (hand held mid-forehead). Exactly how much MORE do we have to endure? The GOP has the majority in both Houses of Congress. Clinton was impeached for lying about a stained dress. Nixon was impeached for lying about a break-in. But, in neither case did anyone die.

    The Øbama administration released five taliban prisoner who were among the worst of the worst – in exchange for a sergeant who, not only deserted his unit, but whose actions presumably resulted in the deaths of several of his fellow soldiers. Meanwhile, Øbama & company have the AUDACITY to tell us that he “served with honor and distinction” (another LIE) while Øbama himself hosted this dirtbag’s parents at the White House.

    I’ve contacted Congressman Yoho and told him that I’ve had, “ENOUGH already!” If you feel the same way I do, may I suggest that you do the same?

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