A Sad Goodby to a GTP Patriot

Hello all:

It is with much sadness and a heavy heart that I must inform you that my friend and fellow Gainesville Tea Party member, Paula Helton, passed away Saturday after a short illness.  Although Paula could not be active in this group for some time, she remained a staunch patriot until the end. She worked so hard to save our Republic, but as of late she came to believe her efforts were in vain. I can’t help but wonder if this had some part in her passing?

Rest in peace, Paula – I’m going to miss you, you feisty old girl!


6 responses to “A Sad Goodby to a GTP Patriot”

  1. Susan Baird says:

    RIP dear friend, Paula. We definitely will miss you and your insightful information. Watch over us and say hi to my dad and sister.

  2. Tom says:

    I didn’t know Paula well, but I don’t think her efforts were in vain. The Tea Party is a movement that can’t be stopped. The GOP has tried to put it down, but I think the movement has just gone underground. Things are turning slowly, slowly. People who have voted down the line democrat forever are starting to question what their eyes and wallets tell them. Lots of people, lots more than the original people are getting fed up. There will be a push back. They won’t be able to stop everybody.

    • Laurie Newsom says:

      I agree. It’s now a question of staying staunch and firm. Paula was in fear of all of our efforts being in vain but she never gave up. Neither will we. America is OUR country, not the country of socialistic leeches.

  3. Gail El-Ramey says:

    I only saw Paula in action on two occasions but her passion was definitely inspiring. A true patriot — she will be missed.

  4. Joe Z says:

    Bless Paula Helton. Live on Tea Party. Let’s make 2015 a great GTP year for Paula.

  5. Rosemarie Newton says:

    Paula was a tireless researcher, a meticulous writer, a dear friend of liberty. And an indefatigable warrior. Her spirit will live on in the rest of us who she inspired, those who now will take up her fight where she left off. It is up to all of us. She will be greatly missed–but let us pledge to see that she is also greatly emulated in our own lives as we carry on, and in the lives we touch every day to see that truth and freedom prevail.

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