Obama Gives Utterly Infuriating Response to Ferguson Decision

Note in the above video clip, that while Obama is talking about not smashing car windows, etc., the mob in Ferguson is trashing a police car.

From Conservativetribune.com:

Obama just gave his response to the grand jury saying Wilson has violated no law. His response was infuriating, typical, and race baiting just like usual. At one point, he even said he wants to “seize the moment” to push his racial agenda.

Barack Obama is the Divider in Chief. His goal is to divide Americans to keep some demographics strong for the Democrat party for political gain. It’s a typical liberal strategy and it’s sickening.

Let’s look at the points he made:

1. Refused to Say Wilson’s Name.

Perhaps the first sign it was going to be a racially dividing speech was the first few sentences when he refused to mention Officer Wilson by name. Instead, he referred to it as the ruling regarding the death of Michael Brown.

2. Brought Up the “Rule of Law.”

Really? Really, you total fraud?

3. Used Dramatic Language to Describe Protesters.

He said, “There are Americans who agree with it and there are Americans who are deeply disappointed, even angry.” Note the different tone he uses describing both groups. It’s obvious that Obama is against Wilson.

4. Said He “Joins” Michael Brown’s Family.

Obama literally said, “I Join Michael Brown’s Family.” This was completely unnecessary and wrong. Instead of simply calling for peace, he wants to make it clear which side he’s on. This is NOT a federal issue, but of course, he couldn’t care less.

Read more at conservative tribune.com. (Includes video of Obama’s full nine and one half minute statement)

6 responses to “Obama Gives Utterly Infuriating Response to Ferguson Decision”

  1. David Martin says:

    And, somehow anyone expected anything better from our racist divider-in-chief? While watching his statement last night, between wanting to scream at him, I realized that he was saying almost exactly what I expected from him because he is totally devoid of any semblance of leadership or inclusiveness. I’d pray for his assassination, except then he’d become a martyr and that might be worse! Here’s hoping against hope that the GOP might actually grow a backbone in the coming months.

  2. Gail El-Ramey says:

    He reacted exactly according to script — never let a crisis go to waste, even if you have to help “make” the crisis.

  3. John Cutright says:

    We may rest assured that Federal attitudes and actions will change when Loretta Lynch is confirmed Attorney-General by the Republican House and Senate.

  4. William Boe says:

    The thugs that are rioting, looting, and burning in Ferguson are a disgrace to the memory of the legitimate civil rights activists pioneers presented in the US Park Service Museum in Selma, Alabama; these Americans peacefully sought and gained equal voting rights…that did not burn stores, steal guns, and attack people. Time for the big mouths to go to Selma and see the the history of the crusade for civil RIGHTS, instead of uncivil RIOTS !

  5. Carl V Holgate says:

    As a former racist who, by the Grace of God, came to the realization years ago that it is not the color of ones skin that determines ones being, but the content of the heart and mind.

    Over the years, I am 67 years old and from the south, I have seen relations between whites & blacks improve tremendously. It saddens me to see what is happening in this country today.

    There is, in my opinion, a deliberate movement to turn back the hands of time by a segment of our government and citizenry.

    One must realize to bring down a Great Nation such as ours it need be from within!

    I fought with my black brothers to preserve the freedom our country affords

  6. doug says:

    Obozo and Holder are as bad as Al Sharpton in dividing our nation. Not one word about the 130 black teenagers slain in Chicago, Hypocrites all.

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