The Redskins Get Their Trademark Yanked by Aggrieved White Liberals

I have been a Washington Redskins fan for more years than I care to remember although I thank God every day that I still have the mental capacity to do so.  Therefore, one might say that I’m biased and that I can’t speak objectively on this topic – NOT TRUE.  These heavy handed and so-called politically correct attempts to get the ‘Skins to change their team name have nothing to do with football, but rather they are an example of an out of control government once again putting its boot on the throats of We the People.  And like the obstinate and spoiled child that it is, the more it gets away with, the more it attempts.  And the more it attempts, the more it gets away with – ADB  The Washington Redskins have had their trademark yanked by the US Patent and Trademark Office because white liberals who feel guilty about their privilege were offended.

That is the actual fact. Most American Indians . . . errrr . . . Native Americans could care less. In fact, on Indian Reservations around the country there are kids’ sports teams called the Redskins.

The logo itself had the collaboration of Indians at its conception.

What is really going on here is that a bunch of overeducated white guys who cry during Love Actually feel they have too much privilege and are thus guilty. So they have gone out and found things to be offended about on behalf of others less privileged than themselves.  Continue reading at

4 responses to “The Redskins Get Their Trademark Yanked by Aggrieved White Liberals”

  1. Cheryl says:

    Exactly…you hit the ball on the head!

  2. doug says:

    According to dingy Harry Reid, 10 percent of the Indians don’t like the name therefore we have to eliminate the name. Acooring to the latest polls, Harry Reid is disliked by 40 percent of the people therefore he should eliminat him or be summarily face a firing squad for not fulfilling his job as a senator

  3. Bill Boe says:

    if only 10% of the Indians dislike the name Red Skins, than 90% like the name or have not opinion on this issue; this much noise about a topic that does not warrant a whisper; this administration has a record of opposition against industry, traditional man/woman sex, a needed pipeline, hunting & fishing, and playing marbles; I suggest some focus on a stagnant economy, a program for energy independence, and rebuilding the military; as for an better name of a DC team? how about D.C. Dummies, BEltway BAndits, Potomac Pansies, Capitol City Crud , etc.

  4. Banzai Bill says:

    Well, 10% is actually a majority when you stop to consider that only an estimated 2-3% of the population is made up of:

    boys who like boys
    girls who like girls
    boys or girls who like boys and girls
    beings that don’t like whatever sex they are and want to be the other.

    Considering the press coverage that they get you would think that the mainstream press believes them to be the majority.

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