Tony Ledbetter, Patriot and Republican Party Chairman of Volusia, Dies

February 13, 2019

We lost a great Patriot today. From the Daytona Beach News/Journal:

Tiny Ledbetter speaks at the Republican Lincoln Day dinner at the Ocean Center in Daytona Beach last August. THe died Wednesday. [News-Journal/Nigel Cook]

Tony Ledbetter, who as chair of the Volusia County Republican Party oversaw the flip of the county’s registered voters from blue to red, has died, his wife reported on Facebook.

Ledbetter, 71, of Ormond-by-the-Sea, had been ill with cancer for the past 10 weeks and died Wednesday morning, his wife, Toni Wright Ledbetter told The Daytona Beach News-Journal.

“This happened so quickly” she said in a telephone interview. “It’s like we couldn’t find a way to tell everybody. … He just didn’t have time.”

She shared the news earlier on Facebook with Volusia County Republicans. Continue reading at


GAINESVILLE IS FAMOUS: The “Brazilian Butt Lift Lady” went national on Breitbart News

Alachua County Jail

Wow, allowing this debacle to happen on their watch must have given Gainesville city officials tons of credibility with local voters. NOT. Can anybody say  “biomass contract negotiations?”  How about  “proposal to narrow Main Street for three-quarters of a mile from Depot Avenue south to 16th Avenue?

From Katherine Rodriguez at

A woman who worked for the city of Gainesville, Florida, allegedly stole more than $93,000 in city funds and used the money to pay for a Brazilian butt lift as well as other purchases, according to a report.

An auditor’s report released Wednesday showed that Natwaina Clark, 33, stole $93,000 in public funds and used $8,500 of the stolen funds toward a Brazilian butt lift, the Gainesville Sun reported.

The report also found that Clark, a former city staff specialist, used her credit card issued by the city 136 times for $61,000 in unauthorized charges, charged her supervisors’ credit cards 36 times for $31,000, and charged $500 to a coworker’s card that she used five times. Continue reading at

She’s Created an Environmentalist Monster

09/14/2015:  Today Rush Limbaugh talked about a mother sending her son off to college: “Bidding my college-bound son good riddance. I have raised a sweet, thoughtful, environmentally conscious monster—and soon I will be free.”

By Ronnie Cohen

My son, Cory, will leave our Northern California home to start college back East in the fall, prompting other mothers to offer condolences about my soon-to-be-empty nest. Though they expect me to break into tears, my overriding emotion when my youngest departs will be relief. I will finally be freed from the constant scrutiny of the ever-vigilant eco-warrior I raised.

I can do nothing right in my teenage son’s eyes. He grills me about the distance traveled of each piece of fruit and every vegetable I purchase. He interrogates me about the provenance of all the meat, poultry, and fish I serve. He questions my every move—from how I choose a car (why not electric?) and a couch (why synthetic fill?) to how I tend the garden (why waste water on flowers?)—an unremitting interrogation of my impact on our desecrated environment. While other parents hide alcohol and pharmaceuticals from their teens, I hide plastic containers and paper towels. Continue reading at

Florida’s Amendment 1: Not Good For Florida Citizens

Amendment 1, which allows the State of Florida to use a percentage of tax dollars collected through the payment of documentary stamps required on any land transaction for more environmental property purchases by the state, will be on the ballot on November 4th.

From Daniel Peterson, Executive Director of Coalition for Property Rights:

“The fact is private owners are better stewards of land than government. Government should not be handed $18 billion of taxpayer money to acquire and control land.

The American dream embraces the principle of private citizens owning and using property as a protection against the potential tyranny of the state. Increased government ownership threatens that principle with no guarantees of better land stewardship.”

Mr. Peterson clearly explains all the reasons why citizens should vote NO on Amendment 1.

Attend Gen Mem Meeting Tomorrow! Plum Creek Presentation

Plum Creek Timber Company’s development plans are fast becoming a heated controversy in our community. County Commissioner Mike Byerly is vehemently opposed to Plum Creek and is trying to defeat its plans for development in the eastern portion of Alachua County. This is the opportunity to learn the facts: Who is Plum Creek? What is their goal? How will it benefit Alachua County and the surrounding area? Attend the General Membership meeting tomorrow, Saturday, July 26, 10:00 AM for the facts as we are happy to host Plum Creek’s Rose Fagler for a presentation and answers to your questions.

Could this be  Agenda 21 vs Plum Creek?  Attend and find out.

Should private property rights be thrown under the bus? You decide!

When: Saturday July 26 2014. 10:00 AM
Location: Countryside Baptist Church, 10926 NW 39th Ave, Gainesville


Cliven Bundy and the Origins of the American Abundance Revolution

Aah… An interesting look into the future – Fifty years from now.

Rancher Cliven Bundy poses at his home in Bunkerville, Nevada, April 11, 2014

Today, in the year 2064, as we look back over the last 50 years, it might seem as if the Abundance Revolution was inevitable, since so much wealth was involved. After all, it was wealth just waiting to be unleashed.

Yet paradoxically, on the eve of the Abundance Revolution, many of America’s leaders, on the right as well as the left, were preaching a strict doctrine of overall austerity.

Indeed, as we look back and study the events of 2014, we can see the results of the Green elite’s ideologically-driven effort to squelch even the relatively small amount of prosperity that Americans were then enjoying. That is, it was the Green elites who unwittingly opened the door to the Abundance Revolution and the fantastic increase in wealth that Americans have since realized over the last half-century. Read more at

Sick Transit

In the U.S. and around the world, it’s a weird fad.

Summary of a Washington Post op-ed in my local paper: “Transit use remains disappointing because driving is too cheap.”They mean that in a bad way.If there’s a story about “Transit,” they don’t mean cars. Cars are just solipsistic carbon-barfing capsules that move selfish people around. Transit means communal boxes, preferably on rails. When they talk about transit options, they mean buses (ick!) and bikes (yay!) and streetcars, which are romantic and sustainable and everyone takes them in Europe. Ergo: You there with the two-car garage — pony up. Do you really have to read the article to know that’s where it’s going? Slowly? Stopping at every corner?  Read more at

Hat tip: Ed Braddy, DeLena May


The Speech that Rocked Virginia

The Speech that Rocked Virginia! On may 18th, 2013, EW Jackson inspired Richmond and rocked Virginia! Join the campaign to inspire and unite all Virginians as we rally around our shared values and toward victory in November!


Hat tip: Ron Thornton

National Blueways: A National Disaster

This is the kind of government action that can finally bring this country down. While everyone is sidetracked by the IRS, Obamacare and Bernanke this insidious plan to control millions more acres of private property will be the final straw for a weak country with a weak economy. Unless STATE officials recognize the enormity of the National Blueway System and take steps to protect their constituents the federal government will be “placing 10% of farms into conservation programs and develop Conservation Programs for 75% of farms” among other controls. In Arkansas “The on the ground effects of this plan would absolutely annihilate agriculture within the 60 county area. And agricultural is by far the biggest economic engine within the region. Tourism is far, far behind. And with such a great economy, the idea that tourism is suddenly going to explode as an economic engine is beyond ridiculous. Nonetheless, that is the apparent economic benefit we are all supposed to gain from this designation.”

“According to a statement from the Secretary of the Interior, the plans are to establish 5 National Blueways per year for the next five years ultimately achieving 25 National Blueways throughout the nation.”

Full article..

Take the time to meet with your state legislators about the National Blueway System. Educate them and let them know you will support their opposition to Florida participating in the program.

Email State Representative Keith Perry

Email State Senator Rob Bradley

Public Buses and Blackout Windows: What are they hiding behind those Foster Grants?

April 1, 2013 by Barb Haselden, Organizer South Pinellas 912 Patriots


As public buses in Pinellas County, Florida get larger and longer, the windows get blacker and blacker. Here we see pictured (right) one of the eight brand new buses delivered in February to add to their ever growing fleet of 200 buses.

Each new bus costs $600,000 courtesy of the taxpayers. 

Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority (PSTA) justifies the escalated cost of these newer models because they carry 14 more passengers than the older models, they save fuel, however that can be, and most importantly, the buses were purchased through Federal Grant money, so, who cares how much they cost anyway, is the inferred message to the public stated in the Tampa Bay Times.

GAINESVILLE, FL Regional Transportation System Bus

But why the black windows?

Is anyone in those buses? Who can tell? Do we need the extra 14 seats? Do we need the new buses? Do we need the old buses? What is the actual public transportation need for such excessive spending and agency expansion as we watch countries such as Cyprus grab bank accounts to cover government spending and debt?

Are the bus windows in your town black?

Or perhaps your transit agency has chosen fun graphics on their windows, another effective way of hiding the true occupants as the bus travels from stop to stop, day in and day out. Whenever a bus goes by, as it passes between me and the sun revealing its contents, I try to capture the outlines of the occupants and almost always there are only one or two or maybe as many as five silhouettes seated on the $600,000 mega-bus. Continue reading on:

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