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FBI Director James Comey: We Will Not Indict Hillary Clinton Even Though There is ‘Evidence’ of Violations

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) director James Comey said Tuesday at a press conference that he will not recommend an indictment against Hillary Clinton, though he found “evidence” that she might have violated laws pertaining to the handling of classified information.

Comey announced a number of conclusions that support the findings of Breitbart News’ coverage of the Clinton private email scandal, including that she sent and received information on her private server that was classified. Comey said that 110 of Clinton’s emails were classified at the time they were sent. Continue reading at

Darling: What Conservatives Need to Know About Merrick Garland

Merrick Garland

By: Brian Darling | March 16, 2016


Merrick Garland is a 63-year-old Chief Justice of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit. That is all you need to know.

“If you believe in the limits of  federal power, then you will be in the minority.”

The nominee is liberal. This nominee will tip the balance to the liberal wing of the Supreme Court. A liberal majority on the court will radically change the way the Supreme Court views the Bill of Rights.

If Republicans lose this fight, President Obama will have been allowed to lock down a liberal majority on the high court that will read gun rights out of the Constitution, among other freedoms. If you believe in the limits of federal power, then you will be in the minority. This new liberal majority will read new lefty-favored rights like health care and education into the Constitution as they see fit, but will read out religious liberty, the right to participate in the political process, and other rights that they distain.This fight has less to do with the identity of the nominee and more to do with the direction of the country. If President Obama is allowed to transform the Supreme Court into a bastion of left wing legal activism and a rubber stamp for the extra Constitutional actions of his own administration, the Republic is in grave danger. Continue reading at

A Tribute to Justice Scalia

This video published by The Federalist Society, commemorates the life and work of Justice Antonin Scalia — using the words of friends, colleagues, and others to speak about his life and enduring impact. Justice Scalia will long be remembered for his intelligent, principled, and tenacious dedication to our Constitution and to the faithful interpretation of the law as it is written.

[Our Statement] The Federalist Society deeply mourns the loss of Justice Scalia, and extends its sympathies to the Justice’s family and his many colleagues and friends from over the years. Justice Scalia was among the greatest members of the Supreme Court in our nation’s history, and will long be remembered for his intelligent, principled, and tenacious dedication to our Constitution and to faithful interpretation of the law as it is written. He has had an enduring impact on the way our country approaches law and the Constitution, and we are grateful for that extraordinary contribution as well as the tremendous kindness he has shown the Federalist Society and many of its leaders and members since our founding.

Hat tip: Mark Levin,

D’Souza Slams Bill Ayers On His Past

On Wednesday, February 3, Dinesh D’Souza went head-to-head with the radical Bill Ayers on the University of Michigan campus on the topic “What’s so exceptional about America?” The debate went on for over an hour and a half. In this short clip, transcript below, you will watch D’Souza slam unrepentant Weather Underground co-founder and Obama buddy, Bill Ayers on his past – much to the audience’s delight. You will find a link to the entire debate at the end of this post.

Moderaror: Given your own personal experiences, why do either of you feel our criminal
justice system has become too political?

Ayers: Our political justice system is a catastrophe. Um, it’s a catastrophe and it’s, um and, and and what was exposed in Ferguson that the criminal justice system is kind of powered, that the financing of it is powered by the kind of targeting of poor people. That’s true in Ferguson it’s true in Chicago. One of my sons is a public defender in San Francisco. He deals with poor people every day, who are run through the system for the most petty things, and they absolutely are caught up in um, you know, in a vise that really steals from them and, and kind of purrs along in an oppressive way. So I think our criminal justice system is catastrophic and needs to be dramatically changed. One of these, I think is also catastrophic in it, is that is that the political system is something that’s now for sale, it’s on the auction block and Dinesh referred to his time in custody, were you in custody, I’m not sure he had a…

D’Souza: Overnight custody.

Ayers: He had an assistant dropped him off at his sleeping quarters overnight. I offered to write him a letter to the judge asking him not to put Dinesh in prison, he turned it down because I was going to advocate that he go to North Carolina and register voters which would fit the crime of, of corrupting the political process in New York. But no, I think the criminal justice is deeply corrupt and, and it’s corrupted by politics.

D’Souza: OK. (audience laughs) the inequity of our criminal justice system is on full display right on this podium right here. So I gave $20,000 of my own money over the campaign finance limit, I got eight years, eight months in overnight confinement.

Ayres: 8 months or 8 years?

D’Souza: 8 months.

Ayers: You said 8 years.

D’Souza: You bombed the Pentagon, and tried to bomb all kinds of other things (loud audience laughter and applause)…

Ayers: (to the audience) What are you cheering for?

D’Souza: How much time, how much time did you do in the slammer?

Ayers: No the fact is that you admitted to committing a felony which you did. And it was a felony that was pretty serious in a democracy which was an attempt to buy an election to buy an election (audience boos).

D’Souza: Alright, right about the time my case was going to the court, another fellow named (name unintelligible), another Asian Indian guy, we, we Asian Indians appear to specialize in campaign finance violations, (audience laughs) but anyway, this guy gave a hundred and eighty grand in straw donations to Hillary Clinton and a whole group of Democrats. He was also found guilty of witness tampering and he boasted about corruption. He goes before a judge in New York, a federal judge, no prison, no confinement. So here’s my point: Yes justice is a matter of did you break the law. But it’s also a matter of does the penalty fit the crime. Do other guys who do the same thing get roughly the same offence under the Obama administration. I will say that Progressive justice is a complete sham. It’s an oxymoron.

Watch the full debate HERE.

Texas Grand Jury Indicts Makers of Planned Parenthood Baby Parts Videos, Lets Butchers Slide

The Scales of Justice Are Broken

Scale of Justice

Scale of Justice

By Austin Ruse  *  January 25, 2016  (See video below)

Pro-life activist David Daleiden had hoped a Grand Jury in Texas would indict Planned Parenthood executives for dealing in aborted baby parts. Instead he and a colleague have been indicted by a Grand Jury in Houston for actions they took in exposing the Planned Parenthood baby-parts business.


Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson investigated Planned Parenthood and gave them a clean bill of health. They then indicted Daleiden, in a complete surprise to Daleiden supporters.

This turn of affairs happened today in Harris County Texas where Daleiden, founder and president of the Center for Medical Progress, and his colleague Sandra Merritt were indicted for felony tampering with a government record. The specifics of that charge and official record were not revealed. He was also indicted for a misdemeanor charge of buying fetal tissue.

A warrant was issued for Daleiden on Monday evening. Continue reading at

Obama Has Just Begun

How much damage can he do in his last year in office?

Truth2Obama Last YearBy Victor Davis Hanson

Insidiously and inadvertently, Barack Obama is alienating the people and moving the country to the right. If he keeps it up, by 2017 it will be a reactionary nation. But, counterintuitive as it seems, that is fine with Obama: Après nous le déluge (“After me, the deluge” – ADB).

By sheer force of his personality, Obama has managed to lose the Democratic Senate and House. State legislatures and governorships are now predominantly Republican. Obama’s own favorable ratings rarely top 45 percent. In his mind, great men, whether Socrates or Jesus, were never appreciated in their time. So it is not surprising that he is not, as he presses full speed ahead.

Obama certainly has doubled down going into his last year, most recently insisting on letting in more refugees from the Middle East, at a time when the children of Middle Eastern immigrants and contemporary migrants are terrorizing Europe. What remaining unpopular executive acts might anger his opponents the most? Close down Guantanamo, let thousands more refugees into the United States, free thousands more felons, snub another ally, flatter another enemy, weigh in on another interracial melodrama, extend amnesty to another million illegal aliens, make global warming laws by fiat, expand Obamacare, unilaterally impose gun control? In lieu of achievement, is the Obama theory to become relevant or noteworthy by offending the public and goading political enemies? Continue reading at

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