Andrew Breitbart – 7 YEARS

Today is the 7th anniversary of the passing of Andrew Breitbart, our great voice for liberty. I miss you, Andrew!

“I’m fighting back against years and years and years of the cultural and the political left telling people to sit down and shut up, and I’m finally telling a bunch of people, whether it be a conservative or a libertarian on a college campus, whether it be an actor or a director in Hollywood who wants to make movies that represent his world view, I’m sayin’ I’m gonna lead the charge. And you want to follow me? Fine. And there are people who are followin’ me. I want to make things equal. I want people to have a free and open voice.”

– Andrew Breitbart, 1969 – 2012

Trump DOJ settles lawsuits over Tea Party targeting by Obama IRS

How many minutes seconds of coverage do you think this will get in the mainstream fake news media circus?

The Justice Department settled lawsuits with Tea Party and other conservative groups who say they were unfairly targeted by the IRS, dating back to 2013, when this “Audit the IRS” rally took place in front of the U.S. Capitol (Reuters)

The Trump administration, after years of litigation, has settled lawsuits with Tea Party and other conservative groups who say they were unfairly targeted by the IRS under the Obama administration.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced early Thursday that the Justice Department had entered into settlements with Tea Party groups whose tax-exempt status was significantly delayed by the IRS dating back to 2013, “based solely on their viewpoint or ideology.”

The settlements involve payments to the plaintiffs and an apology from the IRS.

The targeting scandal drew heavy attention in 2013 when the IRS admitted it applied extra scrutiny to conservative groups applying for nonprofit status. Lois Lerner, then head of the Exempt Organizations unit responsible, became the public face of the scandal, though other IRS officials were involved as well.

Sessions said that groups with names involving “Tea Party” or “Patriots,” or those with specific policy positions concerning government spending, were subject to “inappropriate criteria” to “screen” applications. Read the rest of this article at

State Dept. Just Released More Clinton Emails

On Monday’s The Kelly File, Megyn and her guests discussed the latest batch of Hillary Clinton emails that were released just minutes before the show aired. Here’s the video and transcript:

Megyn Kelly:  Breaking tonight – Our researchers are pouring through thousands of Hillary Clinton’s emails just released about 34 minutes ago by the State Department. The documents are for Mrs. Clinton’s unsecured private email server that she used while Secretary of State. The agency is blacking out any sensitive information that may put you s national security risk which of course begs the question about why they were on her private email server instead of adequately protected. In this latest dump, roughly 150 emails contained classified information. Hours ago, chief White House correspondent asked the state department whether Mrs. Clinton violated rules for handling sensitive materials.

“Can you say from that podium that categorically that Secretary Clinton followed the rules and the. Law?”

State Department Spokesman, Mark Toner:  I’m just not going to answer that question. It’s not our goal, it’s not a function in this regard in releasing these emails.

Megyn Kelly:  And it’s so irritating since there’s no good answer. Ed Henry is live in Washington for us tonight. Ed all right. So we get a 7,000 email dump at 9 p.m. What we’ve found so far?

Ed Henry:  Megyn, I’ve got a broad spectrum for you. I’ve got some serious stuff that goes at the heart of Hillary Clinton’s explanation to the American people not adding up, I’ve got some on the classified nature of the emails and then fun one that I think you’re really gonna like, that’s a good piece. OK, the first one is: In June of 2010, Phillippe Ryan, one of Hillary Clinton’s aids sends, an email to Hillary Clinton as well as Huma Abedin who CC’d and it’s marked Hpad as in Hillary’s iPad, and it says to the Secretary quote: “Your iPad has arrived. Hillary Clinton writes back. That is exciting news. Do you think you could teach me how to use it on the flight to Kiev next week?” Why is that significant? Remember March 10th, at the United Nations news conference, she said this whole explanation was because she wanted the convenience of one device, her Blackberry. This clearly shows she was using an iPad as well. There was more than one device despite that explanation.

Now the more serious stuff about classified information. You mentioned a hundred and fifty of them. Well let me give you a couple quick examples: We found one email that’s now been deemed classified by the State Department. The Clinton campaign stresses after the fact, there’s a debate about whether she’d been classified in real time, one email about a presidential crisis in Haiti. That kind of email raises questions. Shouldn’t the Secretary of State have known at the time this was at the least, sensitive information if not classified right? Then secondly, the one I’m looking at now is two or three pages about Sudan and a top UN official write to all these top State Department officials about some trilateral meetings with sensitive information about Sudan. That’s forwarded by Jake Sullivan, a top Clinton aide, to Hillary Clinton who writes back: “I’m willing to make the calls he requested.” We don’t know what caused you talking about, but let me show you this page. It says “Page Denied.” It’s now been deemed classified. This entire page of information which can see now and at the time Hillary Clinton apparently did not realize that this was classified information.

Last point I’d make, the fun one I told you about: Cheryl Mills, the chief of staff, sends one out to Hillary Clinton about someone just leaving the state department, someone who’s left, and says there’s gonna be champagne and cupcakes for the staffer. Hillary Clinton writes to Cheryl Mills, quote “Is there a back story?” Funny because even the secretary of state gets into the office intrigue. When you get that little email saying someone’s left the State Department someone’s left Fox immediately.“Is there a backstory?” Megyn.

Megyn Kelly:  You have been in Washington too long. (Joking back and forth) Good to see you, Ed.

Shannen Coffin is a former DOJ assistant deputy attorney general and former counsel to Vice President Dick Cheney. Alright Shannon.

Shannen Coffin:  I didn’t bring cupcakes.

Megyn Kelly:  So she didn’t, what a shock. She actually did have more than one device. She had the iPad. At the time she said she was just doing it for convenience. The iPad has has email you can get email on it, so that wasn’t true. And now we’ve got you know Sudan and one just came across the wire saying she was talking about the Iranian, the American hikers were taken into custody at by the Iranians in 2009 and she has, there’s an email to her talking about a teleconference with the American Embassy. The point is on and on and on the classified information goes.

Shannen Coffin: Well let’s talk about that Sudanese email because Ed and I looked at that together in the newsroom. Look, the point about that email is, it was characterizing communications from foreign government officials in Sudan about these trilateral talks. Those sorts of communications are necessarily deemed by the President of the United States by executive order to be classified. That is, they’re now marked classified, but they were classified when they were written.

Megyn Kelly:  They were.

Shannen Coffin:  Everyone, everyone in the State Department should know that foreign government communications are necessarily classified, because the president in his executive order, says the disclosure of that information will, is presumed to harm the national security.

Megyn Kelly:  OK, but let’s talk about that.

Shannen Coffin:  And that’s the standard for classification.

Megyn Kelly:  That’s very important because her whole defense, I mean now, It’s been changing, is: “I didn’t knowingly have anything here, and the reason is nothing was marked classified while it was in my possession. They may be stamping classified now, but when I had it, no.”

Shannen Coffin: I’ll politely called that “Boloney.” Because, because this very, very nature of this communication, which is sensitive communications, from a foreign official, that’s designed to be confidential, has to be, it’s born classified. To quote a former official.

Megyn Kelly:  Here’s my last question: The prosecutor who put, who worked on the General David Petraeus case, where he had classified information and he wound up having to take a plea. She came out today and said: “There’s no there’s nothing the same between these two cases because it all comes down to whether you knowingly engage in unlawful conduct. We had the goods on Petraeus on that, we can’t prove Hillary Clinton knowingly engaged.”

Shannen Coffin:  And she attached to resume to it so she can be the next attorney general in the Clinton administration (laughter in background). Look, the point, the point about that is: She’s just looking at one little statute that has intent requirement, and I just told you how you can meet that intent requirement in this situation, but the felony, there are felony provisions in the federal code, that she ignores in her piece, that that require only recklessness. And what’s more reckless than setting up your own server, and regularly now, we know regularly dealing with this highly sensitive government information.

Megyn Kelly:  That is interesting. Shannen, good to see you.


Tea Party Network Meeting This Friday and Saturday!


TTPN Annual Meeting in Lake City, Sept. 13-14

Tea Party Network


Join fellow patriots at the annual Tea Party Network meeting on Friday, September 13th and Saturday September 14th in Lake City, FL. We have a great slate of speakers such as Congressmen Ted Yoho, Florida House Members and such notable speakers as Trevor Loudon (Click Here to see flyer). This will be a very informative meeting. The speakers will cover issues such as Stand Your Ground, Illegal Immigration, Property Rights, Common Core, ObamaCare and much more. Please pass this information to EVERYONE! Click Here to view and download a PDF that you can distribute.


DIRECTIONS: I-75 to Lake City, Exit 427, turn West on us 90, 2.9

miles into Lake City, Jackie Taylor Building 128 Birley Ave., Lake City, FL 32024

(building on the left ), Century 21 sign out front.

If you will attend please RSVP to this e-mail after you read the flier. I am looking forward to seeing you there!

Catherine Baer, TTPN Chair




BREAKING: Doug Guetzloe Sentenced to 15 Months

Doug Guetzloe, the founder of the Florida TEA Party political party and Ax The Tax,  was just sentenced to 15 mos. in prison for federal tax evasion:

11:30 a.m. EST, May 21, 2012|By Amy Pavuk, Orlando Sentinel

Political consultant Doug Guetzloe was sentenced to 15 months in federal prison Monday for failing to file his tax returns.

Federal prosecutors said Guetzloe, founder and chairman of Ax the Tax, failed to file returns on almost $187,000 in income in 2005, and more than $188,000 in 2006.  Via the Orlando Sentinel.

The trial:

Hernando, Citrus school districts snub Glenn Beck group’s Constitution booklets

BROOKSVILLE — It started as an act of patriotic philanthropy.

Last month, the Nature Coast 912 Project donated thousands of U.S. Constitution booklets to the Hernando and Citrus school. The goal was to get a pocket-sized booklet into the hands of every eighth-grader.

The donation, however, prompted officials in both districts to consider: When does a copy of the Constitution and other historic documents become political material or advertising?

Officials in both districts concluded the booklets have some problematic characteristics, so they won’t be handed out as the 912 Project group had hoped.

“It doesn’t matter what group it is,” Hernando superintendent Bryan Blavatt said. “The question is, are we giving out resources that are primary sources … or is it subject to opinions and viewpoints and selective choice of materials?”

Hernando received 2,500 booklets for seven schools; Citrus got 1,315 for five schools. The booklets were not all identical and some came with additional material. All have a stamp or sticker of the “Nature Coast Pasco-Hernando-Citrus 912 Groups,” and some included the group’s website address, said Mike Mullen, assistant superintendent for Citrus schools.

Some booklets donated to Hernando were published by the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, whose website describes its mission as serving communities through “fellowship, compassion, and dedication to God, family and country.”

These booklets contained other primary texts such as the Declaration of Independence, Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address and Patrick Henry’s Call to Arms. A foreword to the booklet reads: “Unless Americans remember and preserve our rich heritage of liberty, a new Dark Age of tyranny could lock the majority of mankind into the harsh chains of totalitarian slavery.”

Some booklets donated to Hernando were accompanied by a one-page sheet from the Cato Institute, a conservative think tank, with the heading “Constitutional Authority.” The sheet asserts that the Constitution has been misinterpreted, leading to “a government that’s effectively unlimited … and increasingly unaffordable.”

Booklets donated to the Citrus district refers the reader to books published by the National Center for Constitutional Studies, a conservative, religious-themed organization formed by Mormon political writer Cleon Skousen, who argued that the founding of the United States was a divine miracle. One of Skousen’s books referenced in the booklet, The 5,000 Year Leap, is often cited by political commentator and 912 Project founder Glenn Beck, who wrote a foreword for a later edition.

“When you add all of those things together, it’s not just a simple Constitution,” Mullen said. “You’ve got to be real careful when you’re passing out information to the kids.”

The National Center for Constitutional Studies is not a credible source of Constitutional history, said Doug Kendall, founder and president of the Constitutional Accountability Center (CAC), a Washington, D.C.-based think tank and law firm.

“I don’t know that there can be too many copies of the Constitution in circulation, but when it comes to teaching about the Constitution, I think we should trust our teachers and the history books, not the tea party or the 912 Project or any other ideological group,” Kendall said.

Citrus school officials plan to return the booklets because the School Board attorney concluded the additional content in them conflicted with the district policy forbidding the distribution of political materials, Mullen said.

In Hernando, which has a similar policy, principals were told to make the booklets available for students who wanted one but not to hand them out to every student, Blavatt said.

“It’s a way to provide an opportunity for students to get the material, which was the intent of the group, and not be in a situation where we’re handing it to them and not giving them a choice,” Blavatt said.

He added: “Ninety-nine percent of the material there is valuable to students. You have to weigh that.”

Blavatt said he did not know how many of the booklets remained.

The districts’ decisions puzzled 912 Project members, said organizer Maureen Arrigale of Hudson. The group reached out to school officials last year with the idea for the donation and submitted booklets for review, Arrigale said.

“The booklets they have are the same booklets we sent them,” Arrigale said. “We’re not promoting any kind of agenda or politics whatsoever. Our name just happens to be on the book.”

The Nature Coast 912 group donated money to the East Pasco Tea Party Patriots to purchase Constitution booklets for Pasco County schools this year, Arrigale said.

The Patriots donated Constitutions to the district last year and officials had no concerns about passing them out, said district spokeswoman Summer Romagnoli. The booklets had the stamp of the East Pasco Tea Party Patriots, but that in itself is not a problem, Romagnoli said.

“As long as it’s not included with any sort of political message,” she said.

Mullen acknowledged that staffers had reviewed the booklets but did not research the National Center for Constitutional Studies publications or the 912 Project until the Times inquired. He also noted that the booklets reviewed by staff did not have the 912 Group stamp or sticker.

“I know they claim they’re not a political group, but they have direct links from their website that do take you to partisan political websites,” Mullen said.

Beck founded the 912 Project in 2009 on nine principles and 12 values he says represent the spirit of the American people on the day after the Sept. 11 attacks. Among them: “I believe in God and He is the center of my life.” The group is non-partisan, but its conservative membership overlaps with the tea party movement.

Members of the 912 Project and tea party groups lament what they see as a lack of accurate instruction in U.S. history classes.

“What we’re out to do is educate people that things in the Bill of Rights are being taken away from us and are being misconstrued,” said Nature Coast 912 member and Hudson resident Annette Weeks.

This past spring, the Tea Party Patriots started a nationwide campaign to remind teachers that a 2004 federal law requires public schools to teach Constitution lessons the week of Sept. 17, commemorating the day the document was signed. The Patriots started an adopt-a-school program and members encouraged school officials to use curriculum provided by the National Center for Constitutional Studies.

Tony Marrero can be reached at (352) 848-1431 or [Last modified: Sep 28, 2011 10:48 PM]

CNN/Tea Party Presidential Debate

Last night a historical event occurred in Tampa: the inaugural Tea Party Presidential debate! Tea Party groups from across the nation gathered to ask questions and hear the platforms of the candidates for the 2012 Presidentail election. Featured were the Florida groups of which I am proud to say included Gainesville Tea Party and our Tea Party Network (groups from north central Florida). As we move forward towards 2012 we must remain steadfast to our values: limited government, fiscal responsibility and free markets, the values upon which our country was founded and the only values that will preserve the individual freedom and prosperity that we have enjoyed as citizens of the greatest nation in the history of mankind. NOW is the time to get involved! Find your candidate, both local and state, and WORK to get these candidates elected! We have the unique opportunity to change the face of American politics and turn this country around from the sprint towards socialism. We urge you to give both time and money to your local candidates and to get involved with the election process. Be a poll worker! Be a poll watcher! The 2012 election is the most important election of your lifetime and to sit on the sidelines is to encourage the fall of our country. It is your responsibility to pledge to work as hard as you can to return our countrty to the principles of the Constitution. Join us in our fight!

TEA PARTY NETWORK State Convention, 11/4 – 11/6


Have you heard that we are going to be having a statewide Tea Party Network Convention November 4-6, 2011 in Daytona Beach? Have you visited the convention website yet?

The following is included for an early registration price of just $149.00 :
Friday Night– Dinner with your fellow patriots and a welcome from our state leaders and a noteworthy keynote speaker,
Saturday– Breakfast with another key speaker,  breakout sessions all day including Krisanne Hall on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, Bill Warner on how to Defeat Political Islam, and Dr. Richard Davis on the FED. FORUM for all candidates running for the US Senate in 2012.  To end the day we will have another Patriot dinner with a dynamic speaker.
Sunday– Breakfast and continuation of the breakout sessions.  We are working on a Presidential Candidate forum to close out our weekend.
Many of the keynote speakers have not yet been announced as we are waiting for their declaration of candidacy for President and US Senate. 

Much of the work to organize this event has been done by Pam Dahl from the Tri-County Tea Party in the Villages. They have hosted many notable speakers including Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, and Sarah Palin to name a few. I can assure you, you will not be disappointed when the final roster is announced.
I would like to encourage you to go to the website and buy your tickets. Augustine. Early registration for the convention would be advisable as there are only 1600 seats available for the entire state and Tea Party Network has had 5000 people attend a one day rally in St. Augustine! Although member organizations of  Tea Party Network are receiving this information first, all conservative groups across the state will be invited.  For those of you that would like to stay across the street from the convention center at the Daytona Beach Hilton Oceanfront Resort we have arranged a special rate of $99/night. (All rooms are oceanfront!). If you would rather stay elsewhere there are other great hotels in the Daytona area.  Plan on attending this convention!  It will be an event to remember!

The Tea Party Network
Patricia Sullivan, Chair

John Beck, Vice-Chair


The taxpayers of Florida must once again unite to prevent government from giving billions of dollars to special interests. The “Sun Rail” government rail project will have only 3700 riders a day and benefit powerful special interests while costing taxpayers billions. Taxpayers have voted down rail in 2003, 2004, and 2010 yet special interests keep pushing these projects at our expense.

Goto the website and read a few of the comments about this boondoggle.

Say “I am a Florida taxpayer and I oppose Sun Rail.”

Phone: 850-488-7146

Fax: 850-487-0801

 Keep the statement short and concise:

“I am a Florida taxpayer and I oppose Sun Rail.”

 Gov. Scott may make his decision soon after the Legislative session ends so please call and fax today and help melt the phone lines.

Florida taxpayers and voters continue to voice opposition to rail boondoggles, yet our politicians together with deep pocketed special interests, taxpayer funded agencies and the local media continue pushing these wasteful projects we cannot afford.
Please call and/or fax today!

Gov. Rick Scott at St. Augustine Tax Day Rally, Sat, April 16

PLAN TO ATTEND!!  Click on the  flyer below for the list of notable speakers, featuring Gov. Rick Scott and his Lt.Gen Jennifer Carroll! Others include State Sen. John Thrasher and State of Florida CFO Jeff Atwater, along with Constitutional scholar Krisanne Hall.

This is your opportunity to show your appreciation to Governor Rick Scott!

For those of you that would like to avoid the hassle of driving  please contact John Beck at as soon as possible for details about the bus!

St Augustine Rally Flyer 4 16 2011

Rick Scott in the Wall Street Journal

Our Governor is steadfast in his commitment to bring prosperity to our state by promoting business and job growth. Come to Eustis, Fl., on Monday afternoon to attend a Tea Party rally in support of Governor Scott. He will be there bestowing the honor of unveiling the next year’s budget FIRST to the patriot groups of Florida. Don’t miss it! 

“Mr. Scott’s job-creating plans center on making Florida the most business-friendly state in the U.S. “We’re competing with 49 states and a variety of other countries now where people are willing to invest their dollars,” he said. “My job…is to make this the place where people want to do business.”

Click below…

“Get Out the Vote” Rally: Saturday 10/30


Next Saturday (10/30) is the final weekend before the most important election in many years! To highlight this very significant day we are inviting you to join as we drive in an eye-popping motorcade from Gainesville to Middleburg. We want you to decorate your car or truck with flags and decals, streamers and garlands and join us as we Rah Rah our way through some beautiful country led by our Network Tea Party ship, the Dartmouth (recently featured in the UF Homecoming parade!). Other Tea Partiers will be joining us as we make stops in Hawthorne, Interlachen and Palatka. The Journey will end in Middleburg where we have a program of great speakers planned for you!

More details to follow but MARK YOUR CALENDAR!   We want to see you there!

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