Florida Lawmakers Introduce Bill Banning ‘Sanctuary’ Cities

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By Katherine Rodriguez

Florida Republican lawmakers have introduced legislation that will target “sanctuary” cities and counties, along with the elected officials that support them, that don’t cooperate with federal enforcement of immigration law.

Sen. Aaron Bean (R-Fernandina Beach) and Rep. Larry Metz (R-Yalaha) introduced SB 786 and HB 697, known as the “Rule of Law Adherence Act,” Wednesday in Tallahassee, the Miami Herald reported.

The bills seek to ban “sanctuary policies” in Florida and create fines and penalties for state agencies, local governments, or law enforcement agencies that use these policies and don’t comply with federal immigration law.

“The one thing that everybody should know in our country is: We can’t choose which laws we’ll obey or which laws we don’t obey,” said Bean. Read the rest of this story HERE.

Senator Perry Deserves Cheers, Not Jeers

This Talking Back article appeared in the Gainesville Sun on January 29, 2017

State Sen. Keith Perry, R-Gainesville, speaks at an event held during his time as a state representative. (Brad McClenny/ Staff photographer, Gainesville Sun)

By Ron Thornton – Special to The Sun

The Sun uses its “Cheers and jeers” editorials to promote its long-standing liberal views. Jeers are used to oppose and degrade any issue and/or person it opposes. Many times these negative views are taken out of context, which illustrates the shallow and petty attitudes of The Sun. A prime example is the Dec. 30 editorial, “Cheers and jeers for the year.”

These jeers occurred numerous times during the recent campaign season. Your editors focused on negative events and used isolated incidents to unfairly characterize public officials and routinely failed to recognize the positive service to the community.

I was particularly disheartened to see that your comments about Keith Perry, our recently elected state senator, focused on a 15-second negative event that happened during his campaign, yet ignored the many positive things he was able to accomplish as a member of the House of Representatives. Specifically, The Sun refuses to “cheer” the following:

– Keith Perry worked with University of Florida leadership to secure funding for the new engineering building and to renovate Norman Hall.

– Then-Rep. Perry worked with the Florida Department of Transportation to secure funding for the emergency sign over Interstate 75 on Paynes Prairie after dozens of crashes took place due to fog.

– Perry was named an honorary Guardian ad Litem because of his recognized advocacy for children, especially by working to extend foster care coverage for disabled children.

– He helped ensure funding for several of our local cultural assets, including the Cade Museum for Creativity and Innovation at Depot Park, and the Hippodrome Theater and Cotton Club (and put a new roof on the building at his own expense!).

– He fought for funding for the Boys & Girls’ Club, and other projects to bring health care services to some of our under-served communities.

– Perry was named Abel Trust Legislator of the Year for his work with people with disabilities.

– He also received awards from both the Florida Cultural Alliance and Florida Alliance for Arts Education.

In the future, when The Sun’s editors sit down to recall events that have transpired and decide to issue accolades or demerits for public servants, perhaps they will do the due diligence the reading public deserves, and provide more substance and less hot air.

– Ron Thornton is a retired University of Florida faculty member, and part-time technology and political consultant living in Newberry.



The Best State Attorney that $1,000,000 of George Soros’ Money Can Buy

Image credit: Richard Solomon

Image credit: Richard Solomon

ORLANDO — Jeff Ashton, the one-term state attorney for Orange and Osceola counties, has lost his re-election bid to a Democratic challenger.

Aramis Ayala beat Ashton, 57 percent to 43 percent on Tuesday night. She faces only a write-in candidate in November.

Ashton, best known as the prosecutor who tried the Casey Anthony murder trial, faced a tough re-election fight from both Ayala, a former prosecutor, and former assistant state attorney Bill Vose, an Ashton critic who is that write-in candidate.

In the final month of the campaign, Ayala got a cash infusion from the Florida Safety and Justice PAC, which paid for advertisements that attacked Ashton’s record.

That PAC had ties to billionaire George Soros.

Ayala said at the time that she had never met Soros and knew nothing about the PAC. Continue reading at my13news.com.

State Dept. Just Released More Clinton Emails

On Monday’s The Kelly File, Megyn and her guests discussed the latest batch of Hillary Clinton emails that were released just minutes before the show aired. Here’s the video and transcript:

Megyn Kelly:  Breaking tonight – Our researchers are pouring through thousands of Hillary Clinton’s emails just released about 34 minutes ago by the State Department. The documents are for Mrs. Clinton’s unsecured private email server that she used while Secretary of State. The agency is blacking out any sensitive information that may put you s national security risk which of course begs the question about why they were on her private email server instead of adequately protected. In this latest dump, roughly 150 emails contained classified information. Hours ago, chief White House correspondent asked the state department whether Mrs. Clinton violated rules for handling sensitive materials.

“Can you say from that podium that categorically that Secretary Clinton followed the rules and the. Law?”

State Department Spokesman, Mark Toner:  I’m just not going to answer that question. It’s not our goal, it’s not a function in this regard in releasing these emails.

Megyn Kelly:  And it’s so irritating since there’s no good answer. Ed Henry is live in Washington for us tonight. Ed all right. So we get a 7,000 email dump at 9 p.m. What we’ve found so far?

Ed Henry:  Megyn, I’ve got a broad spectrum for you. I’ve got some serious stuff that goes at the heart of Hillary Clinton’s explanation to the American people not adding up, I’ve got some on the classified nature of the emails and then fun one that I think you’re really gonna like, that’s a good piece. OK, the first one is: In June of 2010, Phillippe Ryan, one of Hillary Clinton’s aids sends, an email to Hillary Clinton as well as Huma Abedin who CC’d and it’s marked Hpad as in Hillary’s iPad, and it says to the Secretary quote: “Your iPad has arrived. Hillary Clinton writes back. That is exciting news. Do you think you could teach me how to use it on the flight to Kiev next week?” Why is that significant? Remember March 10th, at the United Nations news conference, she said this whole explanation was because she wanted the convenience of one device, her Blackberry. This clearly shows she was using an iPad as well. There was more than one device despite that explanation.

Now the more serious stuff about classified information. You mentioned a hundred and fifty of them. Well let me give you a couple quick examples: We found one email that’s now been deemed classified by the State Department. The Clinton campaign stresses after the fact, there’s a debate about whether she’d been classified in real time, one email about a presidential crisis in Haiti. That kind of email raises questions. Shouldn’t the Secretary of State have known at the time this was at the least, sensitive information if not classified right? Then secondly, the one I’m looking at now is two or three pages about Sudan and a top UN official write to all these top State Department officials about some trilateral meetings with sensitive information about Sudan. That’s forwarded by Jake Sullivan, a top Clinton aide, to Hillary Clinton who writes back: “I’m willing to make the calls he requested.” We don’t know what caused you talking about, but let me show you this page. It says “Page Denied.” It’s now been deemed classified. This entire page of information which can see now and at the time Hillary Clinton apparently did not realize that this was classified information.

Last point I’d make, the fun one I told you about: Cheryl Mills, the chief of staff, sends one out to Hillary Clinton about someone just leaving the state department, someone who’s left, and says there’s gonna be champagne and cupcakes for the staffer. Hillary Clinton writes to Cheryl Mills, quote “Is there a back story?” Funny because even the secretary of state gets into the office intrigue. When you get that little email saying someone’s left the State Department someone’s left Fox immediately.“Is there a backstory?” Megyn.

Megyn Kelly:  You have been in Washington too long. (Joking back and forth) Good to see you, Ed.

Shannen Coffin is a former DOJ assistant deputy attorney general and former counsel to Vice President Dick Cheney. Alright Shannon.

Shannen Coffin:  I didn’t bring cupcakes.

Megyn Kelly:  So she didn’t, what a shock. She actually did have more than one device. She had the iPad. At the time she said she was just doing it for convenience. The iPad has has email you can get email on it, so that wasn’t true. And now we’ve got you know Sudan and one just came across the wire saying she was talking about the Iranian, the American hikers were taken into custody at by the Iranians in 2009 and she has, there’s an email to her talking about a teleconference with the American Embassy. The point is on and on and on the classified information goes.

Shannen Coffin: Well let’s talk about that Sudanese email because Ed and I looked at that together in the newsroom. Look, the point about that email is, it was characterizing communications from foreign government officials in Sudan about these trilateral talks. Those sorts of communications are necessarily deemed by the President of the United States by executive order to be classified. That is, they’re now marked classified, but they were classified when they were written.

Megyn Kelly:  They were.

Shannen Coffin:  Everyone, everyone in the State Department should know that foreign government communications are necessarily classified, because the president in his executive order, says the disclosure of that information will, is presumed to harm the national security.

Megyn Kelly:  OK, but let’s talk about that.

Shannen Coffin:  And that’s the standard for classification.

Megyn Kelly:  That’s very important because her whole defense, I mean now, It’s been changing, is: “I didn’t knowingly have anything here, and the reason is nothing was marked classified while it was in my possession. They may be stamping classified now, but when I had it, no.”

Shannen Coffin: I’ll politely called that “Boloney.” Because, because this very, very nature of this communication, which is sensitive communications, from a foreign official, that’s designed to be confidential, has to be, it’s born classified. To quote a former official.

Megyn Kelly:  Here’s my last question: The prosecutor who put, who worked on the General David Petraeus case, where he had classified information and he wound up having to take a plea. She came out today and said: “There’s no there’s nothing the same between these two cases because it all comes down to whether you knowingly engage in unlawful conduct. We had the goods on Petraeus on that, we can’t prove Hillary Clinton knowingly engaged.”

Shannen Coffin:  And she attached to resume to it so she can be the next attorney general in the Clinton administration (laughter in background). Look, the point, the point about that is: She’s just looking at one little statute that has intent requirement, and I just told you how you can meet that intent requirement in this situation, but the felony, there are felony provisions in the federal code, that she ignores in her piece, that that require only recklessness. And what’s more reckless than setting up your own server, and regularly now, we know regularly dealing with this highly sensitive government information.

Megyn Kelly:  That is interesting. Shannen, good to see you.


Cuba’s Removal from U.S. Terror List Opens Door in Tampa

Ah, “good” things always seem to happen on late Fridays. And then John Kerry breaks his leg on Saturday. Karma?


Tribune staff
Published: May 29, 2015   |   Updated: May 29, 2015 at 08:12 PM

TAMPA — Local political and business leaders Friday largely welcomed the removal of Cuba from the U.S. terrorism blacklist, a symbolic step but one that paves the way for normalizing relations with the communist island.

Secretary of State John Kerry signed off on rescinding Cuba’s “state sponsor of terrorism” designation 45 days after giving Congress notice that he would do so April 14. The interim period was to give lawmakers time to weigh in and try to block the move. They did not do so.

Officials from the two countries are still ironing out details to restore full diplomatic relations, including opening embassies in Washington and Havana and returning ambassadors to the two countries for the first time since the U.S. severed diplomatic relations with Cuba in January 1961.

With Tampa’s historic ties to Cuba, business leaders here have been trying to position the city as a gateway for expected future commerce with the island. A Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce delegation of 35 business and civic leaders visited Havana earlier this month to learn more about trade opportunities. Continue reading at tboonline.

Florida GOP Chairman: ‘This State Is Going Red in 2016′

by Sarah Rumpf  15 May 2015

ORLANDO, Florida—As the Republican Party of Florida (RPOF) gathers in Orlando for their quarterly meeting, RPOF Chairman Blaise Ingoglia joined Breitbart News for an exclusive interview about the party’s plans for 2016 and the important role he expects Florida to play in the elections.

Ingoglia told Breitbart News that RPOF has made substantial structural and strategic changes as 2016 approaches. “The first thing that we realized was that in order to win 2016, we had to have a better ground game,” he said. “The GOP dominates in midterm elections and we sort of have our challenges in presidential elections, [so we are] refocusing our attention to grassroots, boots on the ground, being involved in the community, and giving the grassroots leaders of the county parties the tools they need to go back into their communities to get their local people elected but also turn out the vote for our statewide candidates.”

Ingoglia described how the party had reorganized to help their ground game efforts. Previously, the party representatives had met at the quarterly meeting by Congressional districts, and each county has a Republican Executive Committee that meets monthly. Now, starting with this quarterly meeting, additional caucuses would be also organized by region: the Panhandle Caucus (Tallahassee, Pensacola), Northeast Florida (Jacksonville, St. Augustine), I-4 Corridor (Tampa, Orlando, Daytona), Southwest Florida (Naples, Fort Myers), and Southeast Florida (Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, St. Lucie). Continue reading at breitbart.com.

Democrats Already Attacking Senatorial Candidate Ron DeSantis.

No surprise here. If we look at one of this areas Congressional Representatives, Ron DeSantis, we should be happy to have him run for the Senate seat being vacated by Marco Rubio. If the attacks that are being sent by the Florida Democrat Party are any indication, he should make us proud.

From Shark Tank-

A high profile Republican campaign announcement would not be the same if the Democrats didn’t open up their political playbook and attempt pounce on the GOP candidate, accusing him or her of being anti-Woman, anti-Hispanic, anti-Equal rights, or even anti-Guacamole.

Here is what the Florida Democrat Party on their not-so-flashy DeSantis attack website.

Meet Congressman Ron DeSantis, a politician who loves Washington’s partisan extremism and dysfunction. He’s part of the problem in Washington, and now he’s running to take his extreme views to the U.S. Senate.

Read more at       http://shark-tank.com/2015/05/07/democrats-ron-desantis-hates-women-and-hispanics/

Florida Budget- Up, Up and Away

So much for wanting to be viewed as FISCAL hawks. Why does the Republican run State legislation continue to grow the budget?

Heck, 4 years ago the grassroot organizations where supporting and voting for politicians that were going to cut the budget. Yes, I grew up in another country, but, going from $65 Billion to $80+ Billion is not exactly a cut.  Government has again proven that if the money is there, it will be spent.

Please read this good article about this years budget from Sunshine State News-

Florida Republicans have made political hay during Obama’s presidency by trying to contrast the state government with the dysfunction in the Beltway. Things might be bad in Tallahassee, the GOP leaders say, but nowhere near as bad as in Washington.

Click For Article

FL Campus Carry Bill Doomed

Well, we all knew that it was too good to be true. The fact that the Campus Carry Bill made it through several committees on the Representative side in Tallahassee did not mean it would make it through the Senate.  It was pulled from it’s most recent committee agenda which meant it did not even get a vote. Go figure!!!


Please read this article in the Sunshine State News-

“The lies involved in the stalling of this bill are unfortunate and despicable,” Rebekah Hargrove, president of Students for Concealed Carry at Florida State University, said in a statement. “Sen. Diaz de la Portilla is simply too afraid to have his name associated with a divisive bill, even though he has previously claimed to be a supporter of the Second Amendment.”

Click for article- Campus Carry article

FL Senator Insults Conservative Grassroots

Wow, this so called Republican Senator from the Sarasota area sure has an ax to grind with Americans For Prosperity (AFP). Senator Jack Latvala also showed his dislike for many in the grassroots.

You also have to love the threat at the end of the YouTube clip. It would be funny if not for the power that OUR elected officials yield.  I personally like the Americans For Prosperity organization, and yes, I like the Koch brothers and Koch Industries.

I thought the AFP rep did a good job dealing with the attack.

Click link for article- http://shark-tank.com/2015/04/02/fl-senator-insults-conservative-grassroots-says-they-serve-absolutely-no-purpose-video/#





Florida Senate and Common Core

Please follow this easy link to contact your FL Senator about an upcoming vote on Common Core.  We defer to the grassroot experts who have been studying common core and oppose the Senate Bill 616.


This email contains information related to the Florida Citizens’ Alliance and related issues.
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SB 616 Will Advance to the Senate Floor for a Vote on April 1st.
We must act to STOP IT!

Call and email your legislators today to tell them to kill SB 616 that will be on the Senate Floor April Fool’s Day (no joke) and tell them instead to pass SB 1496/ HB 1121. You can do this in one easy step by clicking the big green button:

Don’t let Florida’s kids and families get thrown under the bus!

SPREAD THE WORD!  Use the link below to share this message with your friends, families and networks:

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