The Chickens are Beginning to Come Home to Roost.

Mark Levin Gives His Take on the Mueller Fiasco

Mark Levin gives has take on the Mueller Collusion, Obstruction, Democrat Investigation Witch Hunt on Life, Liberty & Levin 4/21/19. Watch this and you’ll never have to watch anything else about this travesty.

Mark Reed Levin is an American lawyer, author, and radio personality. He is the host of syndicated radio show The Mark Levin Show, as well as Life, Liberty & Levin on Fox News. Levin worked in the administration of President Ronald Reagan and was a chief of staff for Attorney General Edwin Meese – Wikipedia

John Stossel – Recycling Stupidity

Stossel examines the wisdom of recycling programs and the sustainability movement.


Following is a partial transcript:

Economist Holly Fretwell: When we talk about recycling glass, we’re actually talking about replacing sand, right, one of the most abundant materials on earth.

Stossel: Glass is made of sand there’s sure infinite sand around. Who cares if we recycle glass? This isn’t gonna make any difference.

Proud, Young, Gullible Environmentalist: Florence Singer: The average American they produce 4.4 pounds of trash per day.

Stossel: So what if we produce four pounds?

Proud, Young, Gullible Environmentalist Florence Singer: It’s hurting the environment because we have to create more and more landfills and landfills aren’t free

Stossel: Lots of people believe America will soon run out of landfill space, but it’s not true.

Economist Holly Fretwell: We’re not running out of landfill space. We have more landfill space than we historically have ever had.

Stossel: How can there be more space.

Economist Holly Fretwell: We’ve created these big landfills that are really safe and have liners within them so that they don’t permeate into the ground and destroy the water tables and once we fill that up we seal it off and we put a park on top.

Stossel: A park or the ski resort or this beach near Boston all built on landfills.

Economist Holly Fretwell: All of America’s garbage for the next 100 years would fit on Ted Turner’s Flying Bee ranch in Montana with 50,000 acres to spare.

Stossel: You could put all the world’s trash for the next thousand years into 15 mile square landfill. There’s lots of room out there.

Proud, Young, Gullible Environmentalist Florence Singer: That doesn’t make it okay.

Stossel: Why not it just sits there and you build ski mountains over it.

Proud, Young, Gullible Environmentalist Florence Singer: I prefer to do things in a way that are in homeostasis with the way that the earth is.

Stossel: It sure is nice to live in a country where young people can afford to pay more for organic food, and have so much free time that they wash everything by hand and feel empowered by living what they call a sustainable life.

Proud, Young, Gullible Environmentalist Florence Singer: I had no idea that it was even possible to live without producing trash. And when I learned that it was like this, wow, I’m so empowered .

Hold Strong, Mr. President, We Deplorables are Counting On You – Video Below

The clip below begins with a brief montage of “Mainstream” media types ranting about President Donald Trump’s informing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that a U.S. military aircraft will no longer be available to take her on a planned trip to Europe, the Middle East, and South Asia. It then segues to a live segment from the Sean Hannity Fox News TV show featuring former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino and Kerry Pickett from the Daily Caller.

Pay special attention to Dan Bongino around the 3:40 mark. Partial transcript:

Finally Sean, we’ve got a fighter. You know I’m all-in. I’ve always sacrificed for this is the fight. This is it. This is the red line right now, this is, we cannot lose this fight. You know, I heard someone earlier today on the network. He was saying: “Well you know, maybe the president should try to take the high ground here.” The high ground? Are you serious? You think there’s high ground left in Washington DC? This is a cesspool full of swamp rats and villains. DC has no high ground left.


He’s got the high ground. I get it. I am with you brother a hundred percent. I know we are morally on the right side of this. I’m simply suggesting to you in this fight trying to talk reason and facts to our liberal opponents on the other side is useless. Shawn you know as well as I do, they don’t care. This is meaningless to them. It doesn’t matter how many people are killed by illegal immigrants, all they care about is beating Donald Trump and we need to recognize that fight right now, and start rabbit punching below the belt. The time for Robert’s Rules of Order ended on the inauguration day with Donald Trump and thank God he gets that and understands.

Mark Levin on Democrats and Immigration


A partial transcript: …Now let’s keep a few things in mind when you watch Schumer and Pelosi. They’re
pathological liars. They’ve been in Congress over half a century. What the hell have they done about the border? Nothing! They’re part of the scam artists. They get amnesty, legalization, citizenship and never secure the border. They spend billions and trillions more, more debt more deficits on the redistribution of wealth from two hundred billion dollars a year on illegal aliens one more time. They fooled Reagan, They fooled Bush 41 & fooled Bush 43, but they’re not gonna’ fool Donald Trump…

Levin then goes on to set the record straight about the negative effects of illegal immigration.


President Trump Went to Iraq to Visit Troops – Nancy Pelosi Vacations in Hawaii

“Fund Wall or Southern Border Shuts Down.” President Donald Trump.

Dr Gorka Reacts To The Latest In The Border Security Fight

On Saturday’s Justice With Judge Jeanine, Dr. Sebastian Gorka, a Hungarian-American military and intelligence analyst, a former dean at National Defense University, who served as deputy assistant to US President Donald Trump in 2017, talked about why Democrats don’t want the border wall: “When you get really practical about it, it’s about votes.”

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