Alleged Traitor Hailed as American Hero by Obama Administration Pleads Guilty to Desertion

By Ben Shapiro

In May 2014, President Obama, looking desperately for a foreign policy victory, traded five terrorists from Guantanamo Bay to the Taliban in exchange for Bowe Bergdahl, a sergeant suspected of desertion. Bergdahl’s alleged desertion necessitated the use of American troops to search for him; six were killed during that process.

President Obama welcomed Bergdahl himself to the Rose Garden, along with his parents, where he lauded their “courage” and the media cast Bergdahl in the role of hero; National Security Advisor Susan Rice, who made a habit of fibbing to the American public on national television during her tenure in the job, told Americans that Bergdahl’s service was “honorable” and added that he served with “honor and distinction.” Obama defended his decision by stating, “I make absolutely no apologies for making sure that we get back a young man to his parents and that the American people understand that this is somebody’s child and that we don’t condition whether or not we make the effort to try to get them back.”

On Monday, Bergdahl pleaded guilty to desertion and misbehavior before the enemy. Bergdahl apologized — too late for his dead comrades — and stated, “At the time, I had no intention of causing search and recovery operations….It’s very inexcusable.” Continue reading at

Judge Jeanine Pirro Opening – Curtain Goes On Those Trump Haters

My opening statement: Don’t you love it when those so-called social justice warriors, the ones who claim moral and ethical superiority over the rest of us, the ones who chastise us because of our core American values, are hoisted on their own petard.

This week a real blockbuster as the curtain goes up on those Trump hating, Soros loving socialists, condescending Hollywood glitterati, for their silence, acceptance and coverup of one of their own, serial super sexual predator, Harvey Weinstein. Weinstein once a famous now infamous moviemaker accused of at least three rapes and continuing sexual assault and harassment of dozens of young women on two continents, silencing those around him with his ability to intimidate victims, pressure business associates and buy powerful Democrats. Gee, another intersection of crime, money power and the Democrat Party.

Weinstein gave hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Democrat Party, non-stop donations to Hillary Clinton, hundreds of thousands of dollars to that Clinton Foundation and reports of almost a million and a half dollars to the Clintons. And Hillary, the woman who created her own war room to destroy the women who accused her husband Bill, of rape and sexual assault, hides for five days before saying she’s shocked, shocked. Think of it Hillary. Were you elected president, you could have done for your friend Harvey what your husband Bill, did for his friend, that Palm Beach billionaire, convicted serial pedophile predator, Jeffrey Epstein, by getting the Department of Justice, the Feds to intercede, take those child rape cases from the Florida DA, where Epstein was facing a hard time, to federal Easy Street, where he quickly got home monitoring.

It could be you said nothing for five days because your experience with pedophiles goes deep, like when you laughed about and destroyed a twelve-year-old innocent girl who was raped by two adult men so severely that she was in a coma for days leaving her barren and unable to have children. Hillary, ‘twasn’t misogyny that killed the beast, ‘twas karma. And Hillary, you actually say this in another country as if we’re not gonna’ to hear it.

Judge Jeanine plays a short video clip of Hillary Clinton from the BBC:

All we have someone admitting to being a sexual assaulter in the Oval Office, there has to be a recognition, that we must stand against this kind of uh, you know action that is so sexist and misogynistic.

Hillary, the only sexual assaulter I know of in the Oval Office is your husband, the one who left his stain on a blue dress of a young intern in the White House. Are you still schizo? You know Hillary, now that I think of it both you and Harvey are a lot alike. Both of you addicted to a drug. Both of you love power, money and domination. Weinstein wants to dominate, Hollywood and you want to dominate Washington. Weinstein didn’t stop with you though, also delivering $700,000 to that font of moral superiority, Barack Obama, who also took days to condemn Hollywood’s open secret. Funny, none of them knew. Really? Barack, you had the FBI at your fingertips. Did you have them a little too busy going after conservatives and covering up Hillary’s email scandal, too busy with politics to find a predator in their midst?

And Michelle, you condemn women because we didn’t listen to our inner voices and vote for your girlfriend Hillary. Where was your inner voice on the day your daughter got a job with Harvey? And Meryl Streep, another paragon of virtue, says she didn’t know. And while she preaches to us at the Golden Globes about our president.

Judge Jeanine plays a short video clip of Meryl Streep at the Golden Globes:

And it’s instinct to humiliate, when it’s modeled by someone in the public platform, by someone powerful. It filters down into everybody’s life because it kind of gives permission for other people to do the same thing. When the powerful use their position to bully others, we all lose.

Meryl, you say you didn’t know? How much has your best bud Harvey added to your bank account, while you stood oblivious to the victimization of young women, who want to be you? How many of those young women came to you for advice and you arrogantly condescend to lecture the rest of America about our politics? And no surprise though, your morals are nowhere in line with ours. You openly rise to applaud a child rapist, Roman Polanski [Applause].

Judge Jeanine plays a short video clip from the Oscars:

The Academy congratulates Roman Polanski.

And then there’s tough guy, Robert DeNiro. I thought he was a good fella, until I heard him talk about our president.

Judge Jeanine plays a short video clip of Robert DeNiro trashing President Trump on Fox News:

He’s a punk, he’s a dog, he’s a pig, he’s a con, a bull artist, a mutt, thinks he’s gaming society. Well, I’d like to punch him in the face.

You don’t like Donald Trump and his politics? You called him every name in the book, while you’re steeped knee-deep in the dirty money of Harvey Weinstein and his cash. Bob, how many of his movies have lined your bank account? You’re the punk Bob, you’re the pig, you’re the thug. And maybe, you’re just taking your roles a bit too seriously.

Judge Jeanine now plays a short video clip of Robert DeNiro from the movie, Goodfellas.

Look at me. Never rat on your friends and always keep your mouth shut. You talking to me? You talking to me? You talking to me?

Yeah I’m talking to you. You’re the punk. You disgust me. Folks, Hollywood’s been steeped in hypocrisy for decades. As the curtain goes up on the casting couch, aka the casting bed, the town that glorifies violence, murder and rape, is the same town where centuries-old rules of women’s sleeping for a job is kept quiet.

Actors, the ones who need to read other people’s words for a living and then convince themselves that they have the moral turpitude to pontificate to the rest of us and how we should act, try to tell us how to be. And by the way, it’s not over yet folks, there’s more coming. It’s not just adult women, it’s human trafficking, it’s child sex trafficking, it’s real pedophilia, in a town where there are no rules, where the truth is stranger than fiction and where fiction is based on reality. It is time for the Department of Justice to get their act in gear, start a Federal criminal investigation into Harvey Weinstein, his ongoing criminal activity that no doubt has crossed state lines and continents.

And that’s my open. Tell me what you think on my Facebook Twitter Instagram, hashtag Judge Jeanine.

Conservative Leaders Urge Mitch McConnell to Resign

The Tea Party Patriots, FreedomWorks, and the Senate Conservatives Fund called on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and the rest of Senate leadership to resign over their inability to pass President Donald Trump’s agenda, which includes repealing and replacing Obamacare, confirming federal judges, and funding a southern border wall.

The grassroots conservative leaders chastised the members of Senate leadership, which includes Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX), Sen. Roy Blunt (R-MO), Sen. John Thune (R-SD), and Sen. John Barrasso (R-WY). The conservatives argued that the Senate leadership should resign to make way for more effective lawmakers who will enact the president’s populist agenda.

Jenny Beth Martin, the co-founder of the Tea Party Patriots, explained that Republicans gained a majority in Congress thanks to grassroots conservatives’ activism. In exchange for their support, Republicans promised to fulfill conservatives’ agenda. Martin said:

Those grassroots volunteers – millions of whom I represent, as Co-Founder and CEO of Tea Party Patriots – were motivated to work by the campaign promises made by Republican candidates.

They promised to end the Obama era practice of spending more than the government takes in, so we can balance the budget and pay down our $20 trillion national debt.

They promised to end the Obama era overreach of the federal government.

They promised to hold accountable the Internal Revenue Service officials responsible for illegally targeting us for our political beliefs.

They promised to nominate and confirm Constitutionalists to the federal bench.

They promised to secure our borders, protect American jobs, and end the scourge of illegal immigration.

And in their most famous campaign promise of all, they promised to repeal ObamaCare, and I quote, “root and branch.”

For nine months, our supporters have been urging Republicans in Congress to do one simple thing: Keep your promises.

Those pleas have fallen on deaf ears.

Martin stated, “But as long as Mitch McConnell is Majority Leader of the United States Senate, that illegal special exemption for Congress is going to stay in place. All these failures have one thing in common – they represent a FAILURE of LEADERSHIP,” adding that “Mitch McConnell has had his chance. He has failed to deliver. It is TIME FOR HIM TO GO.”

Adam Brandon, the president of FreedomWorks, argued that Republicans need new leadership if they ever want to pass their legislative agenda to cut taxes, repeal Obamacare, and rein in government regulations. He charged:

It’s time for new leadership. Mitch McConnell has been a failure in the Senate and has cost Republicans almost a year of victories. He has demonstrated that he either does not understand the frustration coming from conservatives and the urgency of passing key legislation – or he does not care.

He failed to repeal Obamacare with his majority in the Senate. The House has passed the REINS Act and the Financial CHOICE Act, but McConnell is exerting no energy to get those to the floor for a vote.

Now we are focused on tax reform. The House has passed its budget, and Ways and Means Chairman Kevin Brady is ready to work. Yet again, the Senate is not moving. They even left for a week during crunch time.

Brandon said during the press conference, “In a few months, we’re going to hear about Democratic obstruction. We can’t blame the Democrats on this.”

David Bozell of For America explained that McConnell remains incredibly unpopular, elaborating to say that McConnell has a 9 percent popularity in his home state of Kentucky, 18 percent popularity nationwide, and 40 percent net negative unpopularity among Trump supporters. He added, “The time is now for a leadership change.”

Read the rest of this article including the conservatives’ letter to the Senate leadership HERE.

The League of Extraordinary Candidates: Economic Nationalist Leaders Plan for Anti-Establishment Midterm Tsunami to Force Change

Chip Somodevilla / Staff / Getty Images

The Americans are coming, the Americans are coming!

By Matthew Boyle

Conservatives and economic nationalist leaders are looking past the current dysfunction in Washington to a group of new and exciting young candidates throwing their hats in the ring nationwide to break the gridlock with midterm election victories.

This group of individuals, which some are calling “The League of Extraordinary Candidates,” is emerging nationally—a distinct slate of U.S. Senate and House candidates, as well as key gubernatorial contenders, all united in their focus on breaking the logjam in Congress. Movement leaders view establishment Republicans and Democrats alike as a force blocking, slow-walking, or stonewalling the agenda that President Donald J. Trump campaigned on, and aim to elect new voices by riding a new economic nationalist electoral wave in 2018 meant to mirror and surpass what happened in previous wave elections like 2010—which saw the rise of the Tea Party.

“We’re planning on building a broad anti-establishment coalition to replace the Republican Party of old with fresh new blood and fresh new ideas,” Andy Surabian, a senior adviser to the Great America Alliance and ex-White House aide, told Breitbart News.

Surabian worked alongside Stephen K. Bannon, the now former White House chief strategist, during their White House tenure and is now working with the Great America Alliance—a pro-Trump Super PAC run by ex-Ronald Reagan aide Ed Rollins that doubles as a fundraising powerhouse, having raised $30 million last year to help the president.

“The only thing the Republican establishment has succeeded in is clarifying to the American people that they don’t represent their interests,” Surabian added. “Their repeated failures to govern have only crystallized their lack of vision or backbone. The group of candidates we are looking to support in 2018 are all bound together in their agreement that the new Republican Party must be bold in their thinking and aggressive in their tactics.”

The movement that is emerging to back candidates nationally in these critical upcoming primaries and general elections—combined with the candidates themselves, almost a decentralized and loosely organized political party in and of itself—is filled with some of the strongest conservative voices and a broad spectrum across the movement.

Continue reading HERE.

Seven Deceptive Claims Jimmy Kimmel Made About Guns in One Monologue

Photo credit: ABC

By AWR Hawkins

During his opening monologue on Monday night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!, host Jimmy Kimmel made seven false or misleading statements about gun laws as part of a push to shame Congress into enacting increased gun control measures following Sunday’s attack on a country music concert in Las Vegas that left 59 people dead and hundreds more injured.

Ironically, he did this after admitting that the Las Vegas attacker complied with all gun controls in purchasing a number of firearms–meaning he passed background checks for those guns. Moreover, Kimmel even admitted that the attacker had “no criminal record,” and therefore, nothing to keep him from passing a check to acquire a gun.

Breitbart News reported Monday that the attacker purchased three guns within the last year from Guns & Guitars in Mesquite, Nevada, where store manager Christopher Sullivan said the attacker came across as “a normal guy.” Sullivan said the attacker had no criminal history and indicated that he passed a FBI background check for his firearms.

Kimmel is correct on one point–there was nothing in the attacker’s past that signaled a problem. But after making that point, Kimmel argued that there are still things that Congress could be doing (and this is where the falsehoods and/or misdirection come into play).


1. Kimmel said, “Orlando, Aurora, Newtown, San Bernardino, [in] every one of these shootings the murderer used automatic or semiautomatic rifles.” The inclusion of the word “automatic” is very misleading. In all four instances the rifle used was semiautomatic, period. Pistols were also present. Moreover, Kimmel did not mention that in three of the four instances, the attackers acquired their guns via background checks. Exceptions to this would be the rifles used in San Bernardino–they were acquired via a friend–but the San Bernardino handguns were acquired via a background check. And the guns used by the Newtown attacker were stolen. He stole them from someone who passed a background check for them.

2. Kimmel made the classic leftist claim that AR-15s and the like “are not weapons used for self-defense.” In doing so, he ignored the report of the Houston boy who used his father’s AR-15 to defend his sister’s life during a home invasion. When the two intruders broke into the home, the boy grabbed his father’s AR and shot one of them three times. He also ignored the Michigan gas station owner who stopped a robbery in progress at his station by pulling his AR-15 on the robbers. He also ignored the Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, son who was home alone when he used his father’s AR-15 to stop a home invasion by shooting all three suspects. The suspects died but the son’s life was preserved. Read the rest of this article at

Update: Jimmy Kimmel Doubles Down on Gun ‘Nuts’: ‘You Bear Some Responsibility’

Steve Bannon Destroys the SWAMP and the MSM at Judge Roy Moore Rally

“Now we got a, we got a cute phrase, drain the swamp, okay, but the enemy we face, is not cute. And we’re not going to do it with slogans. We’re just not going to do it because we wish it away. You’re gonna have to fight every day to take Washington back, and by taking Washington back, take the control of your own lives back.”

Steve Bannon speaks the night before Judge Roy Moore’s huge win in Tuesday’s Alabama Republican senate runoff to fill the seat vacated by Jeff Sessions. Bannon will Guide Judge Moore to the US Senate – and he’s only just begun!

Here’s Bannon’s speech followed by the transcript:


Question: Why is the world’s media here today? Like Nigel (Farage) said. Why are they here? Why the Financial Times of London, the BBC NHK? You know why? Because tomorrow is going to decide who has sovereignty in the United States of America. Is it the elites in Washington, DC with their money, or is it the people of Alabama with their muscle? Mitch McConnell and this permanent political class is the most corrupt and incompetent group of individuals in this country. [Applause] Let’s have a serious discussion what’s going on in here in Alabama. They’ve raised thirty million dollars to Judge Moore’s two or three. And they’ve spent thirty million dollars. They did not come down here to Alabama to have a reasoned discussion with you, to have a debate with you, to have any kind of talk about the issues of immigration, the issues of trade, anything that’s important today, America’s commitments throughout the world. What they did is spend thirty million dollars to destroy a man.

Now is that money gonna work? They didn’t even have, they didn’t have enough smarts to do it in a sophisticated manner. They took out 30-second TV spots – do you know why? Because they think you’re a pack of morons. They think you’re nothing but rubes. They have no interest at all in what you have to say, what you have to think or what you want to do. And tomorrow you’re gonna get an opportunity to tell them what you think of the elites that run this country. Remember these are the same people that have tried to destroy Donald J. Trump from the first day he announced for office. And 30 million dollars versus three, it’s a spending of ten to one.

And by the way, for Mitch McConnell and Ward Baker and Karl Rove and Stephen Law, all the instruments to try to destroy Judge Moore and his family, your day of reckoning is coming. But more important, for the donors that have put up the money and the corporatists that put up the money, your day of reckoning is coming too. You’ve got to remember something here folks. This is a business model that works. The corporatist, donor, consultant, K Street lobbyist, influence peddler, politician class. Washington DC: seven of the nine richest counties in the country surround it.

This is the first time of [sic] the discovery of the silicon chip, the per capita income in Washington DC is higher than Silicon Valley. It’s a business model that works, because every year they get to spend 4.2 trillion dollars of your money that’s going to be a burden on your kids, grandkids and great-grandkids. These folks are, uh very good and they do one thing right, they know the price of everything, but the value of nothing. And they know the value, excuse me the price of Luther Strange is 30 million dollars. They weighed and measured Luther Strange, and at the end of the day it was 30 million dollars that bought him. He sits there and treats you like a bunch of fools. He says “I’m going to Washington DC to stand up to Mitch McConnell.” Mitch McConnell owns him lock, stock and barrel. [Music].

Now people have asked, you know why Sarah Palin and Phil Robertson and Nigel Farage and Mark Levin and Mark Meadows and, and Dr. Savage. I could go on and on, Laura Ingraham, right. On and on and on, of the people that support judge Moore. And not the candidate that Donald Trump is backing. Well that takes a moment of reflection. Remember all the people I named, are not Sunshine Patriots. They’ve been with Donald Trump from the beginning. These are the hardest core backers of Donald Trump with no give up. I’m here as a private citizen today not as the CEO of the campaign. I haven’t worn this jacket since we were on the campaign. I came to you unshaven, unkempt in this old bomber jacket exactly as I was on the campaign. All the folks I talked about are the hardest core supporters of Donald Trump and I apologize to Plutarch and to Shakespeare as I do a riff on him, but we did not come here to defy Donald Trump. We came here to praise and honor him. The opposition party right there, the media, they’re nothing but the running dogs of the elites of this world. Just like Judge Roy Moore, they weren’t, they didn’t come for Donald Trump to have a discussion about immigration, they didn’t come and have a discussion about trade, they didn’t have a discussion about America’s place in the world, no they were out to destroy Donald Trump personally.

Donald Trump has billions of dollars. He was almost 70 years old. He has a lovely wife, terrific kids, friends that you just can’t imagine the friends this guy has. He had the perfect life. And why did Donald Trump at almost the age of 70 run for president United States? I saw him up close. It was not for any glory, it was not for any kind of adulation. Donald Trump ran for president of the United States because of his duty to this country. Donald Trump is one of the most courageous individuals I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen it up close. When they try to destroy him every day, it wasn’t a debate about his policies. It was about the politics of personal destruction. And every day in Washington DC, it’s the same thing: “How tough you think it is to get at his agenda.”

Now we got a, we got a cute phrase, drain the swamp, okay, but the enemy we face, is not cute. And we’re not going to do it with slogans. We’re just not going to do it because we wish it away. You’re gonna have to fight every day to take Washington back, and by taking Washington back, take the control of your own lives back. Every person in this country should get down every night and thank God Donald Trump is president United States. You know I was CEO of the campaign. I came into it 88 days to go, we were down 16 points, we were losing it in every battleground state and we won. And you know why? We laid out a populist, nationalist, conservative message. Populist because it’s anti – elite, because those fools in Davos, in Washington DC, are totally incompetent, corrupt, nationalists because we’re anti-globalist. We believe in America first and what’s good for this country, is good for its citizens and conservative because we totally reject the progressive movement and what it stands for.

They talk about hate speech. Let’s talk about economic hate crimes that have been done on the working men and women in this country. They’ve gutted this country, they’ve gutted our manufacturing jobs and shipped them overseas – you know what for? For profit. You think this opioid crisis just came about? There’s a direct correlation between the factories and jobs that were shipped to China, and the workers left behind with total despair. I saw in this campaign the way we won, was we had a candidate that was the greatest public speaker since William Jennings Bryan, Donald J Trump. And we had, we had a lot of common sense of where we had to go and audiences like you, in Ohio, and Iowa and Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan. We did something nobody ever thought could be done, a conservative candidate can win the Upper Midwest. We won it with over 300 electoral votes.

But I will tell you, on the day of November 8th, I knew. It was divine providence that helped us win. [Music] [Applause] And if you think of something else as providential, think about tomorrow. This is Jeff Sessions’ seat that were going to fill. Jeff Sessions, the son of Alabama. He’s one of the finest men I’ve ever met. He’s pure of heart and tough as boot leather. He is a man with the most integrity in Washington DC. He’s also a man that Mitch McConnell and all the elites, the permanent political class despise. Because unlike Luther Strange he can’t be bought. There’s no price that Jeff Sessions can be bought. I’m proud to call him my mentor, I’m proud to call him my brother. We have worked on this project for many, many years. Jeff Sessions is the spiritual father of this movement. He’s the original populist and nationalist in this country and we owe him a great debt of gratitude. The people in Alabama I ask you tomorrow to keep that in mind when you walk into the voting booth. Remember who’s seat that Judge Moore is going to replace. It’s Jeff Sessions’ one of the most unique men, forget politician, one of those unique men in our country.

Another unique man is Judge Roy Moore. Now Judge Moore is not perfect, okay, Judge Moore does not claim to be perfect. Judge Moore rose to national prominence because he put the Ten Commandments for all to see. And according to these folks (points to members of the media in the audience), according to the mainstream media, according to the global elites, that’s virtually a capital crime. Now Judge Moore knows that the Ten Commandments is the basis of the Judeo – Christian West. And Judge Moore understands, and knows, that according to the Judeo – Christian west, man is imperfect. Judge Moore has never claimed anything else. And by the way, we’re not always gonna agree on every topic in every subject. Laura Ingraham, Mark Levin, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Dr. Savage, Mark Meadows, Jim Jordan, Steve Bannon: We don’t all agree on everything, but we agree on the basics [Applause] Judge Roy Moore is a good man, he’s a courageous man and most importantly he’s a righteous man. Now Phil Robertson is going to be up here in a second. He’s someone that knows. Phil Robertson knows the Good Book a lot better than I do, but one thing he does understand is Ecclesiastes. People say why are we so divided, why are we not united? Well there’s a time and season for everything under heaven. And sometimes there’s a time for peace, and sometimes there’s a time for war. We’re not going to hug out our differences. We’re going to have to fight for our differences. Now we’re going to fight at the ballot, box we’re gonna fight in opinion pieces, we’re going to fight by talking to our neighbors, we’re going to fight by the lived experience of our lives, to show other people this is the right way to live, this is the right way to be an American, this is what being an American citizen’s about [Applause].

They talk about divisions and being a nationalist as divisive. Economic nationalism is what’s going to pull us together. It does not matter your race, your color, your ethnicity, your gender, your religion, your sexual preference. It matters that you’re a citizen of the greatest Republic in the history of mankind. The elites are not going to have an option anymore of economic hate crimes against the people of this country. Those jobs are your jobs. There’s a time for everything and there’s a time to fight. And tomorrow there’s a time to decide. Alabama tomorrow, gets to show the entire world, not just the nation. You get to show the BBC, you get to show the NHK in Japan, CCTV in China, The Guardian newspaper from England, The Times of London, all of them, New York Times, the Washington Post, the entire fake news industry. You get to show ‘em, that this populist nationalist conservative movement is on the rise, and Judge Roy Moore represents your values, he represents the state of Alabama’s values. Because remember one thing, when you walk in that voting booth tomorrow, a vote for Judge Roy Moore, is a vote for Donald J. Trump. And a vote for Donald J. Trump, is a vote to make America great again.

God bless you Alabama, God bless Judge Moore, God bless Donald Trump and his family, God bless the United States of America.

Colin Kaepernick Donated $25,000 to a Group Named in Honor of Cop-Killer Assata Shakur

By Timothy Meads

Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick recently donated $25,000 to a black queer feminist group named after FBI fugitive and convicted cop-killer Assata Shakur, reports the Daily Mail.

In 1973, Assata Shakur shot and killed New Jersey state trooper Werner Forester during a traffic stop.  Shakur was subsequently arrested and given a life in prison jail sentence, but in 1979 she escaped. Members of the Black Liberation Army, a radical offspring of the Black Panther Party, staged her get away by taking prison guards hostage at gunpoint.

She then fled to communist Cuba where she is living under political asylum, according to reports. Shakur is on the FBI’s most wanted list and is considered armed and dangerous.

Colin Kaepernick made the $25,000 donation to the group named in honor of the cop-killer, “Assata’s Daughters,”  as part of his goal to provide $100,000 to underprivileged communities. He designated $2,500 specifically for “Cop Watch,” a program that trains volunteers to follow and videotape police officers.

In 2016, Colin Kaepernick sparked a national protest that is supposedly against police brutality by kneeling during the national anthem. Read the rest of this article at

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