I’d Be Anti-Israel Too If I Believed Sanders’ Lies About the Jewish State

Sanders Israelby Aaron Klein – 16 Apr 2016

I’m starting to understand the attitude of the wildly misinformed anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) campaign. I’d be anti-Israel too if I believed Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-VT)slanderous statements about the Jewish state, especially regarding the conduct of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

If I heard, for example, that Israel bombed “hospitals” during the 2014 Israel-Gaza War, as Sanders claimed during a recent interview, then I might believe the IDF is a morally depraved military that murdered innocent patients in cold blood.

Never mind that the only strike on a hospital during the war was when the IDF surgically bombed a wing of Gaza’s empty Al-Wafa Hospital, with the Israeli army saying the building was being used as a Hamas terrorist command center and a launching site for rockets. No casualties were reported in the bombing, and Israel first fired numerous warning shots and spent days ensuring that the building was entirely evacuated. Sanders has not said a word about Hamas’ criminal use of hospital patients as human shields.

Still, if I believed Sanders’ rhetoric that Israel indiscriminately leveled whole Palestinian apartment buildings, I too would likely view the IDF as a human rights violator. “My understanding is that a whole lot of apartment houses were leveled,” Sanders claimed to the New York Daily News two weeks ago. Continue reading at breitbart.com.

FEC Republican Blasts Commission for Chilling Free Speech

“Conservatives and liberals alike have cause to be concerned about money in politics, but there are ways to go about reforming the system without dismantling the Constitution. And if it comes down to a choice between “too much money” and “too little freedom of speech,” well…that’s no choice at all.”

Free SpeechLee Goodman, one of three Republicans who sit on the Federal Election Commission, says that the three Democrats on the FEC – if left unchecked – would destroy the free American press. In a statement criticizing the Democrats for their vote last month to punish documentary filmmaker Joel Gilbert, Goodman said that if Ann Ravel, Steven Walther, and Ellen Weintraub had their way, sites like the Drudge Report would become relics of the past.

Their votes, wrote Goodman, “signal an active regulatory effort within the agency, caution press organizations to look over their shoulders, and chill the free exercise of press activity.”

Meanwhile, the Democrats claim that by supporting Gilbert’s film, Republicans are essentially throwing campaign finance regulations to the wind. “Press entities do not act as press entities when they distribute millions of free DVDs immediately before an election solely in electoral swing states,” said Weintraub.

The subject of the vote was a film called “Dreams From My Real Father,” a free documentary that was distributed to voters in Ohio prior to the 2012 presidential elections. The film made the claim that Barack Obama’s real father was a Communist named Frank Marshall Davis whose radical activism shaped the young president’s worldview. Two years later, Loren Collins filed an FEC complaint against Gilbert. – Continue reading at fixthisnation.com.

Library of Congress to Eliminate Terms “Illegal Alien” and “Alien”

I have strong opinions about the content that follows. I will not voice them here, but you can express yours in the comments section below.

Illegal ImmigrantsThe Library of Congress is dropping the terms “illegal alien” and “alien” from its subject headings after a group of college students and the American Library Association protested the words’ usage.

As early as May, the Library of Congress will begin revising its subject headings and replacing “Aliens” with “Noncitizens” and heading references to “Illegal aliens” with “Noncitizens” and “Unauthorized immigration.”

“[The Policy and Standards Division of the Library of Congress] concluded that the meaning of Aliens is often misunderstood and should be revised to Noncitizens, and that the phrase illegal aliens has become pejorative,” the Library explained in its Executive Summary about the changes.

“The heading Illegal aliens will therefore be cancelled and replaced by two headings, Noncitizens and Unauthorized immigration, which may be assigned together to describe resources about people who illegally reside in a country,” it added. Continue reading at breitbart.com.

Darling: What Conservatives Need to Know About Merrick Garland

Merrick Garland

By: Brian Darling | March 16, 2016


Merrick Garland is a 63-year-old Chief Justice of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit. That is all you need to know.

“If you believe in the limits of  federal power, then you will be in the minority.”

The nominee is liberal. This nominee will tip the balance to the liberal wing of the Supreme Court. A liberal majority on the court will radically change the way the Supreme Court views the Bill of Rights.

If Republicans lose this fight, President Obama will have been allowed to lock down a liberal majority on the high court that will read gun rights out of the Constitution, among other freedoms. If you believe in the limits of federal power, then you will be in the minority. This new liberal majority will read new lefty-favored rights like health care and education into the Constitution as they see fit, but will read out religious liberty, the right to participate in the political process, and other rights that they distain.This fight has less to do with the identity of the nominee and more to do with the direction of the country. If President Obama is allowed to transform the Supreme Court into a bastion of left wing legal activism and a rubber stamp for the extra Constitutional actions of his own administration, the Republic is in grave danger. Continue reading at conservativereview.com.

Et tu Delegates (Donald Trump Must Beware of Trojan Horse Delegates)

Trump Trojan Horse

A state party staffer from a large Northeastern state passed the entry codes for a conference call of five Republican chairmen from significant states this past Saturday. The topic on the table? Stopping Donald Trump. I had to listen in.

These hard-boiled pols know the nomination will be decided not on the first ballot, but in a series of procedural votes by the entire convention to adopt the rules of the convention as recommended by the Rules Committee and the seating of the delegates as recommended by the Credentials Committee. Those key committees are made up by two members from each state. The bosses have been quietly planting establishment regulars in these spots.

The Trump camp has been inattentive to this process. The party kingmakers may have the votes to knee-cap Trump in the rules and credentials committees, as they did Congressman Ron Paul in 2012.

The kingmakers have planned to steal the nod from Donald Trump.

Now they party insiders want to make sure they have a working majority on the floor for the passage of their “license to steal.” Republican state chairs are planting Trojan Horse delegates into slots won by Trump on the first ballot to vote with them on procedural votes to pass the Rules and Credentials Reports that will seal the “Big Steal.” This is going on in Texas, New York, Massachusetts, Michigan, Connecticut, North Dakota, and other states. continue reading at breitbart.com.


Related story: Hostile Political Groups To Stake Out Donald Trump’s Monday Meeting With GOP Politicians

A Tribute to Justice Scalia

This video published by The Federalist Society, commemorates the life and work of Justice Antonin Scalia — using the words of friends, colleagues, and others to speak about his life and enduring impact. Justice Scalia will long be remembered for his intelligent, principled, and tenacious dedication to our Constitution and to the faithful interpretation of the law as it is written.

[Our Statement] The Federalist Society deeply mourns the loss of Justice Scalia, and extends its sympathies to the Justice’s family and his many colleagues and friends from over the years. Justice Scalia was among the greatest members of the Supreme Court in our nation’s history, and will long be remembered for his intelligent, principled, and tenacious dedication to our Constitution and to faithful interpretation of the law as it is written. He has had an enduring impact on the way our country approaches law and the Constitution, and we are grateful for that extraordinary contribution as well as the tremendous kindness he has shown the Federalist Society and many of its leaders and members since our founding.

Hat tip: Mark Levin, LevinTV.com.

TUESDAY 3/22 @ 6:30 pm NEXT MEETING of the GTP!!!


The next meeting of the Gainesville Tea Party will be on TUESDAY, March 22 at 6:30 pm – 8 pm at Countryside Baptist Church (just west of I-75 on the North side of the road), 10926 NW 39th Avenue, Gainesville, FL (just west of I-75 on the North side of the road)

Our guest speaker is Dr. Stephen Steinlight, Senior Policy Analyst at the Center for Immigration Studies.

Dr. Steinlight is an expert on what many of us believe to be the greatest issue facing our nation, our party and our future!


Please join us as he discusses as many of these these bullet points as possible:

  • Why is massive immigration, legal and illegal, the most important issue facing America
  • How and why did mass immigration change from a great engine of US prosperity to a counterproductive anachronism?
  • Why do the political establishments in both the Democratic and Republican parties support massive immigration?
  • In purely fiscal terms, does immigrant labor represent a net gain or loss to the economy?
  • What impact does “cheap” immigrant labor have on the most vulnerable Americans?
  • In what amounts to a plot against America, the Obama Administration effectively nullified immigration law on the border and internally.  How did it accomplish this?
  •  The US-Mexican border needs to be sealed to stop illegal aliens from entering to take jobs from Americans and gain public benefits.  But even more importantly, a porous border represents a serious threat to national security.  Just how real is the danger?
  • Over two terms Obama has shredded the separation of powers, staged a successful coup against Congress and has made law by edict.  In what ways and how did he succeed in violating the Constitution?
  • The GOP won a massive victory in the mid-term election in 2014 campaigning against Obama’s immigration policy, turning Congress and state legislatures the most Republican in a century.  But the election had no outcomes in terms of policy.  Why did the GOP drop the issue like “a hot rock?”
  • What are the principal dangers with ANY version of “comprehensive immigration reform?”  Why is it fair to call immigration legislation like S.1629 and the “Gang of Eight’s” S.744 exercises in mendacity?
  • Donald Trump calls for the mass deportation of the conservatively-estimated 11 million illegal aliens currently in the US.  A better solution may be a concept called “attrition through enforcement.”  What does that entail?
  • Which candidate or candidates for the GOP presidential nomination has or have the best immigration platforms?
  •  Which political tradition has the greater chance of winning the White House for the GOP: Cruz’s conservatism or Trump’s populism?
  • In an era when the political, cultural and fiscal elite have embraced multiculturalism, why does massive immigration pose a special danger?
  • The future of immigration policy hinges on the election, but not solely.  Central issues related to immigration and the political impact of illegal immigration on the  democracy in America will be decided by the United States Supreme Court in Texas vs. the United States (the suit brought by 26 states against the DAPA amnesty and the expansion of DACA) and Evenwel v. Abbott  that will determine whether the appropriate metric for political apportionment should be mere population or eligible voters.  These cases will have significant immediate impact as well as long-term consequences.

    Dr. Steinlight will be our only guest and he will leave 15 minutes for Q & A. However, he has committed to stay until the last question has been answered!! If there was ever a time to be at a meeting, this one is it!! We hope you will INVITE other concerned citizens and bring them with you for this most important topic and opportunity to learn from the inside rather than from the state run media! 
    Please bring a friend, neighbor or family member!!! 


Sherrie McKnight



Mark Levin Launches Nightly TV Show

Conservative author and talk radio host Mark Levin launched his subscription-based, commercial free, online television show, LevinTV last night. The broadcast will air weeknights at 9:00 PM Eastern time. You can watch LevinTV on a variety of platforms including mobile devices. And you don’t have to worry about missing a show as you can access previously aired shows on demand.

“I am thrilled we are expanding our Town Hall meeting place for patriots by taking TV broadcasting to a new level on multiple platforms where I will speak directly to my audience — uncensored, without middlemen, and commercial free. I make no excuses for my patriotism, I am proud of it, and LevinTV℠ will reflect it. It’s about time there is a place on television where people can go and have their principles, beliefs, and values reinforced rather than attacked.” – Mark Levin

The subscription price is $69.00/year with an inaugural special of $59.00/year which has been extended through this Friday, March 11th. The monthly subscription price is $7.99/month.

Click this link to go to the official LevinTV website for more information and to subscribe.

Watch the full inaugural show below.

Michelle Malkin’s Riveting CPAC Speach

Best selling Conservative author and firebrand Michelle Malkin stirred up the crowd at CPAC on Friday.  She spoke about how the “Republican Party elite and power brokers and the donor class” were doing what the rest of Washington is guilty of,  not listening to the people.  She then went on to slam Gov. John Kasich, who spoke just minutes earlier, for pretending that he was on the side of local control of education:  “Ohio grassroots activists and moms know better. This is a man who smears homeschoolers and teachers for their opposition to Common Core.”  Following is the full video and the complete transcript:

Hi fellow conservatives. How are you doing? It’s great to see you all. It’s been 13 years since I spoke at an official CPAC event, and it is always an important reminder to stress that this is the Conservative Political Action Conference, not the GOP Political Action Conference. I have been a lifelong Movement Conservative, not a Compassionate Conservative, not a Reform Conservative, not a fill in the blank modifier cooked up by DC elites who think their job is to rebrand plain old fashioned unapologetic Conservatism.

The state of the Republican Party is not sound. The Republican Party has been undergoing slow motion hari-kiri for decades now. What we’re experiencing is not unexpected. It is the result and the consequence of Republican Party elite and power brokers and the donor class doing what the rest of Washington is guilty of: Not listening to the people.

Arnold Toynbee, the famed historian said that civilizations die by suicide not by murder. Guess what, the same is true of political parties. Yes there are external threats to the Republican Party, but the calls are coming from inside the Tent. What has gone on with DC power brokers is the equivalent of a fragging. It’s not people outside the party that have thrown the Conservative Grassroots base under the bus. It’s the people who have paid lip service to limited government while gorging on it. It wasn’t any outside candidate that is not a part of our movement who conspired with the Gang of Eight people with Rs by their name. It was not outsiders who are unfamiliar with our movement who conspired with the establishment on Common Core. That was Republicans who threw us under the bus. That was Republicans who were con men and it was the heart and soul of Conservative Grassroots activists mostly everyday ordinary moms who shamed the Republican Party elite into backing away.

And now what are they doing? The same thing that they always do when Grassroots Conservatives call them out, they sneer at the people who fought against them and who called them out, they sneer at them as hysterical, they sneer at them as just fringe movements on the internet. And then they go and campaign on our side knowing that they’ve stabbed us in the back.

My job is not to tell people what they want to hear, but what they need to hear. We just had Governor John Kasich, a nice guy by all means who last night during the debate pretended that he was on the side of the local control. Ohio grassroots activists and moms know better. This is a man who smears homeschoolers and teachers for their opposition to Common Core.

I am telling you the truth, I am asking you to do your homework, I’m asking you to follow the money. I know it’s what you don’t want to hear, but do you want to hear the same Republicans promise you, as they had been since 1981, that they’re going to abolish the Federal Department of Education? It’s an empty talking point, and those empty talking points need to be punctured like helium balloons.

There are three, there are three reasons why Jeb Bush failed: His last name, his support for amnesty and his cheerleading and cashing in on Common Core. People talk about the establishment without naming names, I do that. You want to talk about the names of the front groups in DC that are cashing in and selling out American parents and taxpayers on things like Common Core? It’s the National Governors Association. They were in the back rooms hiring Clinton era education ideologues, radicals who do not believe in the Constitutional principle of local control of education and sovereignty of our families. Of the 25 people in the National Governors Association meetings where they were writing up the standards, meeting that are secret and confidential and copyrighted. Of the 25 people in that room writing those standards in 2009, six were associated with the test makers from the College Board, five were with the fellow test publishers at ACT, four were with a crony group Achieve, Inc. and several had zero experience in standards writing. Don’t you ever believe a Republican who tells you the talking point that these were locally drafted and from the grassroots, a bottom-up. Bull crap. Pardon my French.

Let’s talk about more con artists’ slogans like this one: “I believe and securing the border first.” Nonsense. Thirteen years ago I stood at a podium at CPAC. And I concluded my speech with these words. Because you never hear people talk about the Constitution when they talk about immigration. Article Four, Section Four says that is the duty of the federal government to protect the state from invasion. In my pocket copy of the Constitution it does not say: “We need to provide for the common defense first.” No. Securing the border and providing for the common defense are ongoing eternal commitments.

It is not a bargaining chip to finish the job and then get on with the business of the open borders lobby and sell us out. We now hear from all these converts to immigration enforcement in the Republican party elite, many of them now running for president, that not only do they believe in securing the border first, but they believe deep in their hearts that what we really need is an entry exit system to make sure that we know who’s coming in, when they’re going out, so that we can root all the overstayers out. Guess what? It was Republican Party brokers and Republican politicians who have helped over the last twenty years sabotage the implementation of that system. Because, it is neither in the interests of big government or big business to do the job we demand them to do.

Another broken promise: We always hear soaring rhetoric from people who have memorized it, pounded into their heads and deliver it with some sense of credibility that they believe in protecting the American Dream. And they tell pretty stories, everybody’s got a story. It’s my story. It’s the story of every person in this room that we cherish the American dream. But we do not cash in, in Washington DC and huddle in back rooms. You want to talk about the elephants in the room, view the elephants in the back rooms who preach about the American Dream and then do everything I can to stab us in the back.

At the intersection of the most important issues that I have covered in my career and dedicated so much of my life to, immigration and education is a very important topic of the American worker. And it is with such abstraction, that so many of these candidates to talk about it, only this year.

We finally heard from people like Leo Perrero, the fired Disney worker who was sabotaged my H1B policies. And of all places the most symbolic, the happiest place on earth. He risked his life, literally, and his reputation to speak out about what’s happening. This is the subject of my latest book that my co-author John Miano, who is a former software programmer himself, who witnessed this destruction over the last twenty, twenty-five years, who went back to school to become a lawyer so that he could do what nobody else was doing in Washington DC: Representing American workers and American interests first.

And the frustration, my frustration, as with so many of you over the course of these presidential, dreadful presidential cycles is: Of course we have a pageant of imperfect. And it’s no clearer than on this issue. I had a reader several years ago send me a mock-up of something that I need every election cycle, nose clips because we gotta do this (holds her nose). It always feels like we gotta do this, hold our nose. The irony is that the GOP elites who always demand that Conservative hold their nose, won’t do it themselves when they don’t get the choices they want.

But I’ll tell you, on this particular issue of foreign guest workers displacing America’s best and brightest high-skilled workers. There’s a lot of confusion, there’s a lot of flipping and flopping, but I welcome anyone who has finally seen the light, and has changed their mind in the right direction as opposed to the wrong direction.

Ted Cruz has a bill that he has co-sponsored with Jeff Sessions to adopt the kind of reforms that we need to protect American workers. You’ve got, you’ve got kids and grand kids out there right? And you want, if they’re in the so-called STEM field, science technology engineering and math, they need to know what they’re up against. If Marco Rubio truly believes in protecting the American Dream in the American worker, if he truly wants to distinguish himself from Donald Trump who has a muddled message about this as he did last night during the debate, sign on to Ted Cruz’s reform bill. Show me the money. Do it.

I want to leave on an inspiring note; because more than half of the CPAC audience every year is young people. And I told you at the beginning of my remarks that I am a Movement Conservative. And the thing about it is, is that our formative years are spent on the most radical liberal bastions, mine more than others. I graduated from Oberlin College OK? That’s right somehow I survived the ground zero of wacky multiculturalism and identity politics. And the thing about being on a college campus is that those of us who are like minded need to bond together whatever our differences are. We know who our enemies are, the clear enemies who are sabotaging Constitutional principles, who do not believe in equality of opportunity, who are essentially Socialist overlords, who are there to brainwash new generations of foot soldiers of Alinskyite, marinated foot soldiers.

And I want to tell you young people, that whatever differences you have in the campaigns that you support. If you are a Movement Conservative, and I am Movement Conservative, no matter what GOP candidate you support, do not let people tell you otherwise. The impulse to excommunicate lifelong Conservatives because you don’t agree with whom they’ve chosen for a particular candidate is as bad as anything I’ve seen from the intolerant mob on the left. Don’t be a Leftist.

I know a man, who came here as an immigrant with nothing, who came here legally, who spoke no English when he came but taught himself English by reading a dictionary, who started out with nothing, who had no crony contacts, didn’t get any government contracts. His name is Anthony Maglica, and I highlighted his incredible story in the book I wrote last year called Who Built That. He refused to take a penny of government money, he believed in the American dream, he fought stupid EPA regulations, he invented a beautiful flashlight. Many of you probably have multiple ones of them in your house or your car: The Maglite flashlight. This guy’s still works at 85 years old, goes to his headquarters, has an all American workforce, refused to outsource to Mexico. And he told me that as long as he breathes American air, and as long as he’s alive, he will never give up, and neither shall I and neither should you!

Thank you CPAC, thank you Conservatives and God Bless!

New York City Public School Kids Required to Pledge Allegiance to “International Flag”

International Flag
Many schools no longer require children to pledge allegiance to the American flag every morning, but one school took things to the next level.

Kindergarteners at PS75, a public school in New York City, were required as a class project to pledge allegiance to an “international flag” that they were taught to make out of the flags of other countries.

The project, seen here, had children coloring in flags of various “Spanish-speaking countries” and superimposing them on the stripes of an American flag. Under the flag was the phrase “We Pledge Allegiance to an International Flag.”

Also included was the Russian flag, seen in the picture in the top row, second from right. That should probably tell you something about this project. Continue reading at constitution.com.

This Year’s Oscars Was the Biggest Gathering of Smug, Self-Important Asses in Living Memory


By Brendan O’Neill

The American comic Toby Muresianu put it best: last night’s Oscars felt like ‘three hours of being told to eat your vegetables’. If there has ever been a more grating gathering of smug, self-important asses keen to educate the TV-watching blob about Serious Stuff, then I’m struggling to remember it. Hollywood has clearly forgotten what its job is: to make us squeal and swoon, not raise our awareness about rape and paedophilia and the heat death of the planet and all the other misanthropic bilge the beautiful people spouted last night.

Black people must have been counting their blessings. Sure, being shunned by the 2016 Oscars might have seemed a bit iffy at first, but what a stroke of luck it turned out to be to be left out of a political freakshow in which Lady Gaga sang a ditty about campus rape and Leonardo DiCaprio did his best impression of an earnest but dim sixth-former in his infantile speech about evil polluters plotting against poor Mother Earth. That he did this while accepting the Best Actor gong for a film that is literally all about how mental Mother Nature is — The Revenant — confirmed that he really is just a pretty face.

‘Climate change is real, it is happening right now’, said Leo, to vigorous applause, of course, since believing in climate change is to the 21st century what believing in God was to the 14th: do it or you’re screwed. If an actor had taken to the stage and said, ‘Meh, I’m not convinced by this climate-change lark’, he’d have been elbowed out of Hollywood polite society faster than you could say ‘Joseph McCarthy’. Continue reading at spectator.co.uk.

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