Andrew Cuomo Backpedals and Brennan Didn’t Mean It

Brennan: I Didn’t Mean That Trump Committed Treason
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo: America Has Always Been Great’

Ari Fleischer Leaves the Media Red-Faced and Sobbing With Rage

Note: This 200 newspaper media editorial attack on President Donald Trump, engineered by the left wing Boston Globe, is scheduled for today, August 16th.

Former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer laughs as he participates in “The President and the Press: The First Amendment in the First 100 Days” forum, at the Newseum in Washington, Wednesday, April 12, 2017, during . (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

August 15, 2018 by streiff

Tomorrow, some 200 newspapers are going to run editorials TOTALLY CONDEMNING President Trump’s treating the national media much like a rented mule.

Participating dailies include the Houston Chronicle, the Minneapolis Star Tribune, the Miami Herald and the Denver Post, as well as the Globe. Joining the movement are the American Society of News Editors and the New England Newspaper and Press Association. Dan Rather is on board, as is the Radio Television Digital News Association.

“Our words will differ. But at least we can agree that such attacks are alarming,” Pritchard’s appeal declared.

This is just the kind of mutual masturbation that we’ve come to expect and adore about the press. At no point are they going to own up to the thinly and poorly sourced stories that they have run on Trump and his family and his administration. They aren’t going to take responsibility for total lies peddled to discredit Trump and the men and women who serve in senior positions in his cabinet (for example). They aren’t going to agree to bullwhip Jim Acosta from the White House briefing room. They aren’t going to concede that having Dan Rather join this project makes it somewhat farcical. And it isn’t going to change any minds. If you really believe the media is trying to get the story straight, you and your leprechaun can sip your lattes while you nod your head. If you believe, like a majority of the country, that the press is inherently dishonest and biased against the administration, then you’re going to ignore it. (I probably won’t because CNN’s contribution is bound to offer up some comedy gold.)

This was Bush43 press secretary Ari Fleischer’s take on it.

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Cheering on Christine Hallquist’s “Historic” Win in Vermont Is an Insult to Actual Womanhood

by Kimberly Ross:

On Tuesday, Christine Hallquist won the Democratic primary in the state of Vermont and is officially the party’s gubernatorial candidate.

Such a win would normally not receive much attention at all. However, Hallquist, who spent most of his life by the given name ‘David’, now lives as a transgender woman. As we’re well aware, that in itself launches him to a place of prominence among Leftists.

As an actual, biological female, I find such obsessions not only irritating but downright insulting. Hallquist was not born a female, has not lived life as a female, and, despite hormonal manipulation, surgical mutilation, and cosmetic changes is still not a female. Nor shall he ever be one. Celebrating his victory as a female is an artificial attempt at inclusion, and actual women should loudly reject it.

It’s ironic (or maybe not) that a Leftist worldview, which so often includes disparaging remarks against The Patriarchy, would wholeheartedly embrace a male’s attempt to claim the mantle of femininity for himself. Is that not the height of domination? Must those with XY chromosomes intrude on our XX land, place a flag, and claim they’ve conquered a new territory?

It is nothing but a mockery of what’s natural, and I will counter it at every turn.

Because of the focus on the superficial, there is a shocking lack on interest when it comes to the substance of the candidate himself. Hallquist wasn’t even thinking of running for office three years ago, favors positions held by fellow Vermonter Bernie Sanders, and can’t even explain what socialism is to members of the media…while he talks about how much he prefers that very economic system. read the rest of this article at

RNC Releases Hilarious Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Video Ad

The Republican National Committee released a hilarious new ad taking aim at the Democratic Party’s rising Socialist  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

The ad, titled “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: The Future of the Democratic Party,” is a mashup of the candidate and the scene in Billy Madison where the high school principal is responding in disgust to a ridiculous answer to a question. The Democratic Socialist candidate was recently called the “future of the party” by DNC Chairman Tom Perez. Continue reading at

128 Establishment News Outlets Coordinate Attack on Trump

AP/Andrew Harnik

by John Nolte:

Some 128 establishment news outlets are coordinating an attack against President Trump that is scheduled to launch on August 16.

While the media have undoubtedly been coordinating against Trump ever since he announced his candidacy (after all, there is a reason every news outlet reports on the exact same stories using the exact same left-wing narrative), this is the first time I am aware of where the media have openly and proudly coordinated to attack Trump.

This coming attack is premised on the entitled belief within the establishment media that the First Amendment protects the media from criticism, and that the First Amendment restricts a sitting president from criticizing the media.

How else to explain 128 (and counting) news outlets coordinating to attack the president for daring to criticize the media for launching coordinated attacks against him.

The event is being organized by the far-left Boston Globe.

Basically, on August 16, some 128 strongly worded op-eds will run to mislead readers into believing criticism of the media is “unacceptable” and an “attack on the First Amendment.” Read the rest of this article at


Why We Don’t Trust the Press

h/t: bispacreview

President Trump Strongly Endorses Ted Yoho for Congress

Taking to Twitter on Thursday, President Donald J. Trump gave Congressman Ted Yoho his complete and total endorsement and commended him for the fantastic job he has done in Congress to date. Yoho is running for reelection in Florida’s 3rd Congressional District and will face Judson Sapp in the August 28th  Republican primary. Ironically, Sapp, has a new ad slamming incumbent Yoho for his lack of support for President Donald Trump’s agenda. But it would seem that the president would disagree.

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